6 Main Benefits of Portable Vaporizers (+ Top 5 Recommends)

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Portable vaporizers are far more popular than other traditional smoking methods. As a result, smoking habits have been shifting in recent years. Earlier, vaporizers were available, but the fact that they were desktop models was a drawback. Due to their large size, desktop vaporizers were often easier to use at home. The experience has completely changed with the arrival of portable vapes, which are small in size and easy to carry around.


Vaping differs from smoking in that it does not involve combustion. The cheap vapes do that. While this may appear to be a purely scientific distinction, it has a significant influence on your health.

As an alternative to smoking, vaporization has been studied. The generation of fewer harmful by-products including carbon monoxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and tar is one of the possible advantages of vaporization. Vaporization produces subjective effects similar to smoking. Furthermore, the study found that vaporization was well tolerated by the test subjects, with no negative side effects observed, and that they preferred it to smoking.

Temperature control

If you’re used to smoking, the concept of temperature control may seem strange and irrelevant. Through a 510 thread battery you can do it. However, there are two compelling reasons to be concerned about it.

The first factor has to do with taste. You can actually taste and enhance the flavor of your dry leaf or extract if you aren’t just burning it to a crisp.

The second reason is that different temperatures result in varied highs because different components of the flower or extract are released at different temperatures. You may create a unique sensation and alter how you feel while vaping by adjusting the temperature.

Durability of the vaporizer

High-quality vaporizers can withstand abuse, survive for years, and are weatherproof.

While vaping is an excellent approach for the backyard, it’s especially useful when camping, hiking, or even going for a walk. For instance, the Summit was created with outdoor lovers in mind. When you go from car to canoe to hiking trail to campfire, believe us when we say it holds up better.

Between portable and desktop vaporizer

Some vaporizers are portable, while others are for use on a desk. Both varieties have advantages that will be more appropriate for certain types of users. What matters is that you have options.

A desktop vaporizer makes sense if you just use dry leaf or extract at home, especially if you use it in social settings like when friends come over. A portable vaporizer is a terrific choice if you want to use it when you’re out and about and want a safe and discreet way to consume.

Of course, there’s nothing prohibiting you from having one of each.

Vaporizer are convenient and easy to use

It’s very simple to use a vaporizer. You load the chamber with dry, ground material (or whatever your vaporizer is designed for), turn it on, and wait for it to heat up. There will be no searching for papers, struggling to roll papers (admit it, some of you are bad at it), or wondering where the hell the lighter went.

Vaporizers can also be used in places where smoking is prohibited due to the lack of smoke. Because of the offensive odor and the possibility for smoke damage, many flats and condo complexes forbid occupants from smoking within. Vaping avoids both of these issues, making it nearly inconspicuous and absolutely harmless to those around you.

Vaping can save your money

Vaporizers come in a variety of price ranges, with low-cost models starting at $30 and high-end models costing over $400. Price, like other consumer goods, is a decent indicator of quality, though not always.

Best vaping device recommendations

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Let’s pretend you spend $100 on a vaporizer, tax included, to demonstrate how vaping can save you money. If you choose a high-quality product, it should last at least a few years, during which time you’ll spend less money on rolling papers and lighters. These may appear to be little costs, but they can mount up quickly for frequent users.


The Pax 3 is suitable for both beginner and experienced cannabis users, providing a simple vaporizing experience from start to finish while also allowing fine-tuning of device settings if desired. A packed Pax 3 lasts several delightful sessions, creating agreeable vapors without overheating, according to personnel at cannabis dispensaries around the country and unanimously favored by a broad panel of testers. Furthermore, cleaning it is simpler than cleaning other portable vaporizers.

AirVape Legacy

Apollo’s AirVape Legacy is almost as simple to use and load as the Pax 3. On a single charge, the Legacy lasts roughly a session, compared to the Pax 3’s two. However, we like the Legacy’s longer, flatter mouthpiece over the Pax’s. There’s no need to nerd out over an app: the temperature is controlled using simple up and down arrows on the device itself.

It heats up in about 15 seconds, which is slightly faster than Pax 3. In our testing, the Legacy’s vapor flavor was thinner, with more waifish plumage. You can charge the Legacy wirelessly or over USB-C, so you won’t have to worry about losing a proprietary cord.

Story & Bickel Mighty

Although the Storz & Bickel Mighty is much larger than the Pax 3 and AirVape Legacy, it delivers the best-tasting vapors of any portable vaporizer we’ve tested. This model will appeal to someone who intends to use it primarily at home because of its size.

Compared to all of our other options, the heat-up time is closer to 90 seconds, which is a long period. There is no need to fiddle with any apps (you control all temperature and other settings on the device itself). The model’s reliance on a proprietary power adaptor, however, is something we don’t enjoy.