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Before we start the Broke Dick e-juice review here, we should explain the story behind the name. The company was named after the founder, Richard Broke, and his last name appeared very handy when creating a company’s slogan: Don’t Go Broke Vaping

The company releases the products a couple times a year, in small batches, one might say, exclusive ones. Yet they won’t cost you a fortune. 

Seasoned vapers may have already seen the products from their two lines: a regular one, with eleven flavors and an exclusive one with five flavor options.

Broke Dick Products – Traditional Line

Among 16 options of Broke Dick e-juices, any vaper may find something to taste. They have the classic favorites like menthol, lemonade, blueberry and also something to impress vape savvies, like whipped cream. 

Today we shall brief you on five of Broke Dick vape juices, that are: The 15th, Prepaid, Payday, Water Cup, The 1st

The 15th

The juice with such a weird name has impressed me with the taste: it combines the notes of peanut butter, whipped cream, banana cream pie. The inhale begins with the smooth peanut hit and evolves into the dessert constituent, ending with a strong banana flavor. 

The 15th by Broke Dick comes in the bottle of 120ml, containing 0-6 mg of nicotine. It’s high VG e-juice featuring 70% VG and 30% PG. Therefore, it gives a strong throat hit and produces an enormous amount of flavor.

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The 1st

The juice combines the tastes of strawberry, vanilla, and whipped cream. First thing, you feel the sweet and fresh berry flavor that gradually evolves into the creamy vanilla and finishes with Cool Whip.

The philosophy of the taste palette and the name is as follows: the first day of the month is the day many of us fear, as it is a day of new expectations, possibilities, and responsibilities.

Yet the maker wants to say that doing something new for the first time you suddenly recognize that it feels familiar, like the taste of strawberry.

The juice has three nicotine strengths: 0, 3, 6 mg. It comes only in bottles of 120mL. The vaper and flavor quality is medium. So is the throat hit—the PG to VG ratio of 30/70%.  

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Like the previous two Broke Dick vape flavors, this one comes in the bottle of 120 mL and has three nicotine strengths (0-6 mg). Also, it features the same PG/VG ratio.

Payday is a bit of everything. It combines the tastes of bananas foster, butterscotch, a twist of orange, cappuccino whipped cream, toasted coconut.

A subtle hint of bourbon saturates the first inhale. It is soon overwritten by sweeter tones that evolve into the durable feel of butterscotch and bananas and end up in a sweet dessert e-liquid.

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Like any other BrokeDick e-juice, this one has a philosophy behind it.  And it is simple: the payday is something different to everyone. It refers to the feel of freedom granted by the money we finally receive and spend on anything we want—a different thing to every different person.  

Like all in the line, this Broke Dick vape juice has a 70/30 PG to VG ratio, three nicotine strengths (0-6 mg), and comes in the bottles of 120 mL. 

Water Cup

This strangely named e-juice has nothing to do with water. Its philosophy is as follows: to give the vaper a mix of tastes you get from a cup filled with a plethora of fresh fruit on a hot summer day. 

It combines the tastes of punch, fruit, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, orange, and pineapple. The Water Cup strikes with a wonderful flavor quality, though the vapor production is that of the middle. The only cons to mention are a bit weak throat hit and some superficial sweetness. 

It comes only in bottles of 120 mL, has a high VG ratio (70%), and three nicotine strengths (0-6 mg). 

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This e-juice features the great taste, stellar throat hit, and exquisite abundant flavor. The flavor palette includes the blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, and a taste called Little Magic.

You first recognize the glory of strawberry and raspberry. Yet, after these berry flavors coat your month at first inhale, you start feeling a tangy, refreshing note of citrus. The fresh taste of watermelon closed the palette.

Although it sometimes resembles a taste of fruity gum, it never feels artificial. 

The flavor comes in 120 mL, has a high ratio of VG, and has three strengths of nicotine.

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Broke Dick Vape Juice – Limited Edition

Broke Dick is also famous for the Limited-Edition line. These five individual products cost a little bit more than the usual ones, but when purchased in a bundle, they come at the regular price. 

Like other broke dick e-juices, the limited ones surprise with unusual flavor combination and natural tastes: 

  • Sangria – for ones who miss a hot summer on a Spanish coast: the Sangria vape juice from Broke Dick combines the tastes of cherry, pineapple, and grapes. 
  • Blue Raspberry – a refreshing classical mélange of summer berries and candy-sweet notes.  
  • Pink Lemonade – to prepare a real pink lemonade, you have to mix freshly made lemon juice, water, and ripe berries. This e-juice from Broke Dick reflects this recipe with surprising exactness. 
  • Almond Tobacco –  to those who never tried this new blend from Broke Dick, we may say one thing: it is worth trying. The tobacco, in the beginning, is not too bitter, and the coconut and almond taste at the end makes a perfectly sweet conclusion of a palette.
  • Frozen Account – can you imagine a Broke Dick e-juice line without all-things-related-to-money philosophy? A Frozen Account by Broke Dick is called to remind us of that chilly goosebumps feeling of banking issues. And to achieve that, it presents a strongly condensed taste of classic mint.
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Broke Dick – History behind Success

The company’s founder Richard Broke started as a regular ex-smoker with a tight vaping budget. He was thinking about how to make his new hobby more affordable while keeping up with high-quality products.  

So, he jumped into the domain of DIY vape juices sticking with high-quality ingredients that allowed him to create great products. That started a company with the all-things-related-to-money philosophy mentioned above.

From the name of the company to the names of the products, the Broke Dick e-juices scream one message: vaping shouldn’t make you broke. 

And to stick to the promise, the guys at Broke Dick rent a facility for the periods when they plan to issue a product line, buy ingredients in bulk and deliver their produce without -party intermediaries. 

That all allows them to keep the products clean, cheap, and tasty – for the pleasure of brand devotees. 

Broke Dick, VapeWild, and Fuggin Vapor – What’s the Difference?

Compared to Broke Dick, Vape Wild has a broader choice of products, as well as a vast amount of vaping devices, including pod mods, tanks, and box mods. Additionally, they even have a clothing line for the fans of their branded products.

Fuggin Vapor is an online store of a larger scale. Besides e-juices, it sells vape mods accessories and branded clothes. 

Summing up

Living up to the philosophy of not spending big money on high-quality products, Broke Dick doesn’t waste funds on advertising, hoping that the fame of their affordable, but classy products will spread by word of mouth.  

Although to view their product line, you don’t have to scroll to infinity; the offer buys your attention with great bright tastes, interesting philosophy, and the talked about affordability, that make BrokeDick a must-know brand. 

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