Can CBD Gummies Help Volleyball Players with Their Stamina?

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CBD Gummies for athletes have always been a matter of concern, with many people believing that it is banned. This natural cannabinoid is one of the significant elements in cannabis plants. While many people believe that athletes shouldn’t use it, times change.

Many leading athletes are endorsing the use of CBD and CBD gummies. CBD can provide the same benefits as tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD for Volleyball Players

The body of athletes has much stress, which may have positive and negative impacts. While training stress is helpful, it does increase the risk of injuries and pain. Different pain management methods can be helpful, but they may prove fatal.

Many athletes used to rely on over-the-counter medicines for treating their condition. However, it poses a significant health risk. During the pandemic, opioid addiction had claimed many lives. Nonetheless, many athletes are eager to use CBD products such as CBD gummies. They are trying to learn how these can help treat pain or reduce inflammation.

The legality of CBD for Volleyball Players

One of the most asked questions is if CBD is legal for volleyball players. Well, it is. CBD for athletes has been legalized since 2018, when the World Anti-Doping Agency dropped it from prohibited substances.

Interested people can also check out the Marijuana FAQ section by the US Anti-Doping Agency. In the FAQ section, they have mentioned the rules. However, it is necessary to note that only CBD was removed from the list, and THC is still prohibited.

While it is legally accepted in sports, the concern outside sports is still a question. With the evolution of CBD products, the laws are gradually changing.

There has been controversy surrounding threshold storage as well. WADA has announced leniency over the storage of drugs. In one of the articles of USA Today in 2016, Ben Nicholas, the spokesperson, was quoted saying, “Our information suggests that many cases do not involve game or event-day consumption. The new threshold is an attempt to ensure that in-competition use is detected and not used during the days and weeks before the competition.”

How can CBD gummies help Volleyball players?

Now that CBD is legal for athletes, they must consider using it. Well, some of the expected benefits that the use of CBD gummies can offer for athletes include the following:

Best alternatives for NSAIDs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Naproxen sodium and Ibuprofen have been used for many years. However, these aren’t safe. The athletes have been using these over-the-counter drugs, which don’t prove helpful.

Professionals advise ultra-distance athletes to refrain from the use of NSAIDs. Since they need to undergo lengthy training sessions, NSAIDs can increase the risk of renal damage. Even if the workout session is short, it is still advisable not to use these for long hours.

CBD gummies can trigger pain-relieving effects. It will help lower the pain due to exercise and cause fewer side effects.

Relieves pain

One of the main reasons volleyball players should use CBD products is because it helps relieve pain. It can help treat stiff joints and even musculoskeletal pain due to exercise or training sessions.

However, there is very minimal research around the use of these. Although there is no complex research around this, it can still be estimated that CBD can indeed help relieve pain.

Reduces inflammation

Athletes are prone to inflammation that can prevent them from performing. Moreover, in a competitive match such as volleyball, it can always be tough to play when you have inflammation. Moreover, inflammation will also prevent treatment.

The CB2 receptors are present in the periphery and brain but more concentrated on immune tissues. However, when CBD binds with these CB2 receptors, the impact on the immune system eventually reduces after intense workouts. It helps to lower the risk of suffering from inflammation.

Improves gut health

Robust gut health is significant for playing efficiently in a volleyball match. GI distress and gut inflammation can often hamper the performance of a player. Although CBD gummies do not treat stomach problems such as digestive issues, they will help treat inflammation. CBD can also be pretty efficient for reducing inflammation. The study on mice has proven to be efficient. But, more human studies need to be done to determine the efficiency.

Enhances sleep quality

Getting proper sleep is crucial for volleyball athletes, significantly improving their performance. Athletes who consume CBD gummies often report having a peaceful sleep. It will eventually help them attain maximum efficiency during training.

One of the main reasons why CBD gummies provide peaceful sleep is because the use of CBD can help to prevent adenosine reuptake. Furthermore, the use of these gummies can make you feel relaxed. Moreover, your brain will appear calmer than usual. It is one of the main reasons CBD helps induce anti-anxiety effects that can help you get a peaceful sleep.

How many CBD gummies should volleyball players use?

While CBD gummies are legal to use, it is necessary to note how much one should use them. As per the professionals, there is no standard regulation upon how much CBD gummies can the volleyball players consume. It is mainly because CBD will have a different impact on different people. Furthermore, it is tough to determine how many CBD gummies can be helpful.

What to know before trying CBD gummies?

CBD is natural. However, before starting to use it, you must consider seeking medical advice. CBD can interact with some medicines and may eventually be harmful to your liver.

Volleyball athletes who are just starting the use of CBD gummies should consider taking it in low doses. Topical CBD can, however, be helpful. Once you start feeling comfortable with its use, you can switch to higher usage.

Final Words

There is a lot of confusion and information yet to be discovered for CBD gummies. Athletes can, however, use it to relieve pain. Furthermore, more studies and exploration can help to increase its efficiency.

If you are starting CBD gummies, you should consider reaching out to professionals. It would help if you started with the lower usage of CBD before moving on to the higher ones.