Can Dry Herb Vaporizer be used to Vape CBD Flower?

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CBD has become a well-researched alternative for treating conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. While there are various methods of consuming CBD, dry vaping is a popular one.

In this article we will learn about the best ways to dry vape CBD and temperature considerations to get the best out of the CBD flower.

How to consume CBD Flowers:

CBD flower or the hemp flower is high on medicinal properties due to its entourage effect. This means that when you consume a CBD flower, you will be able to enjoy the full range of therapeutic properties that are available from the various cannabinoids and the terpenes present in the flower.

The different methods of consuming CBD flowers include:

Smoking: It was widely believed that smoking increases the bioavailability of the CBD flower to your body. Lately people have realized that smoking plant material can cause unwanted side effects, including damage to the lungs. For this reason, dry vaping the CBD flower is taking precedence over smoking.

Vaping: Vaping CBD is simply the process of inhaling the vapors after heating the CBD flower. Devices known as vaporizers are used for this purpose. A vaping device contains a heating chamber where you will place the CBD. A coil heats the material with the help of a battery. The process happens at low temperatures and results in vapor instead of smoke.

Since vaping doesn’t involve combusting the CBD flower at high temperatures, it is safer than smoking.

Edibles: Another common method of consuming CBD is edibles. Edibles are available in various forms such as gummies, protein bars, dried fruits, etc. Such edibles are a delicious way of consuming CBD, especially if you are averse to its taste. Since edibles come pre-dosed, you needn’t worry about proper dosing.

This is a very discreet and convenient way of consuming CBD. On the flip side though, edibles take a longer time to show effects when compared to smoking and vaping.

The CBD flower has to undergo a process known as decarboxylation use. In simple terms, decarboxylation involves converting the inactive compounds of CBD into active forms, thus unlocking all the therapeutic properties.

Cannabinoids, the naturally occurring compounds in CBD exist in acidic form. Decarboxylation means removing a carbon atom in the carbon chain, thus releasing the carbon-di-oxide. Once the CO2 is released, you will end up with the activated form of CBD which you can then use to vape, or add the edibles

Can Dry Herb Vaporizer be used to vape CBD flowers?

CBD vaping is of two types. The first method involves vaping CBD e-liquid through a vaping device like a vape pen.

The second method, also known as dry vaping involves vaporizing the dry CBD flower and inhaling the vapors. Also known as dry herb vaping, this method is perfect for newbies who are just getting into using CBD.

Dry herb vaporizer, as the name suggests, is the device that you will use to vape the CBD flower. As with any vaping device, a dry herb vaporizer has the following parts:

  • A heating chamber which will provide the heat necessary to vape the herb. You can find this in metal or ceramic.
  • A heating source which is commonly a battery, or butane.
  • Mouthpiece to facilitate vaping
  • Filter
  • Charger

For dry vaping, you will place the CBD flower in the chamber, the heating source will vape the flower and then you can take in the fumes through the mouth-piece.

Most companies also sell vaporizer accessories such as weed grinders, glass bottles for storing the flower, batteries, vape cases, etc.

Optimum Temperature to Vape CBD Flower:

Vaping the CBD flower to get the maximum qualities out of it is an art. Vaping temperatures play a major role in delivering optimal therapeutic qualities. When it comes to vaping temperatures, there is never a one size fits all standard. You must remember that lower temperatures are the best when it comes to dry vaping the CBD flower.

A study published in BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology shows that purified THC(40mg/ml) and CBD(100mg/ml), when vaporized, showed that 200 mg of CBD has the highest effectiveness at 446°F.

Still, you will have to try out vaping at different temperatures to see which is the most effective. You can start at the highest or the least temperature and gradually increase or decrease before settling at the effective vaping temperature.

Dry vaping CBD is a safer and more effective method of taking CBD than smoking. It is also a faster way of delivering CBD to your body.

A few precautions will ensure that your dry vaping experience is safe and you will enjoy the full benefits of CBD

  • Always buy your dry herb vaporizer and CBD flower from a reputed and well-reviewed source for the highest quality products.
  • Read the instructions completely and follow them properly. This will ensure the best vaping experience and increase the life of your vaping device.
  • Keep your vaping device clean. You can clean the device after every use following the instructions given on the product or the pack that it comes in.