CBD Drip Review

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cbd drip review

What we have under the radar today is the subsidiary of the ECOSCIENCES company called CBD Drip. The company is out in front in the wholesale of CBD oil for business and the amateurs pursuing to create individual brand-new sorts of the favorite treat.  

They sell products like 85% distillate hemp extract or 99% CBD isolate in bulks and are right up there in the pantheon of this narrow market niche. 

So, we are finally up to prepare this CBD Drip review and take a more in-depth look into the question “What is CBD Drip?”

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Who are the clients of CBD Drip? 

The CBD Drip clientele consists of small to medium businesses starting their ways in the domain of CBD produce. The CBD Drip devotees love the company for high-quality bulk products, which are also easy to buy.

The wholesale buyers, especially those who are not new to the business, know the pains and sufferings from lengthy ordering procedures. That is not the case with CBD Drip.

Their wholesale process is easy and straightforward, so the customer feels the benefits of cooperation immediately. The process is enjoyable when you happen to have a CBD Drip coupon for a discount or enroll in their loyalty program. Just type “CBD drip for sale” in your favorite browser for a quick find.

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CBD Drip Product Concerns

Although CBD Drip is Known for their clean and sustainable philosophy, there are some essential concerns about product quality.

They have potency lab results for every product in the inventory, that is great. SC Labs, a reputable name, makes the tests. Although there were no results provided for heavy metals, pesticides, or residual solvents, it doesn’t mean they have all that stuff in the content, but we cannot say they stay clear of that until the tests are run.

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Another factor of concern is the high level of PG. Propylene glycol is an organic alcohol that many people are allergic to. Due to the high contents of this ingredient, the products prepared on CBD Drip materials may be not appropriate for a massive batch of your future clientele.

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CBD Drip Brand Benefits and Philosophy

Not many other companies can boast on publications and reviews on Wall Street Journal, Fox News, or CNN.

They started as the former vape industry specialists who decided to enter the domain of CBD products. Their philosophy is about clean production methods, which makes them stand out from some other companies on the market.

Their slogans say they want to take the CBD oil industry to the new level, thanks to the innovative and clean scientific production methods, and we hope they will be successful in that. 

Product Array

The product array is vast, including CBD capsules, ECOSHOTS (beverages), ECOPETS (tinctures for pets), CBD oil drops, vape additives, and bulk concentrates.

We’ll brief you on some most famous examples in the following short review:

  • Vape Additives. Perhaps, the most popular and known of their vape additives are the CBD Drip Platinum and CBD Drip Onyx hemp extracts. On their website, the company states the products are sourced from the hemp, grown without pesticides or chemicals. After the crop, the raw produce undergoes the clean CO2 superficial extraction method that allows preserving vitamins and nutrients maximally.
  • ECOSHOTS. These are the CBD beverages that have only two product lines for the moment: Chill Relaxation and Focused Energy. The products present the blend of CBD and caffeine aimed at increasing the level of energy.
  • CBD Oil drops. Presented by two product lines, ECODROPS and RIXMIX, the drops are designed to be vaped or to be taken sublingually and aimed to help us with mental concentration, pain relief, and better sleeping.

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Generally, the CBD Drip is a company easy to collaborate with, paying much attention to clean production methods and sustainability. Their products are loved by many, but not all of them are covered by lab results that give proves to what they advertise on their websites. 

Another point of concern is the high contents of propylene glycol that may not be suitable for people with allergies. While aiming to sculpt the canon of the entire industry, CBD Drip should invest some more time in improvements.


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