Does CBD Oil Help Your Dog’s Aches And Pains?

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Factors such as toothaches, broken bones, and ear or eye infections can cause pain in dogs. Since they are strong and persevering animals, they will suffer in silence most of the time. It is then up to you as its owner to familiarize yourself with your dog, enabling you to detect any change in its health condition.

You may observe behavioral changes like shaking, aggression, and crying. Also, if your dog avoids touch on inspection, you might want to dig deep and find out what is causing its unrest. Once you discover, find a way to ease the pain.

Always find out the type of pain, how chronic it is, and any other health issues that may relate to it. If it requires immediate medical attention, do not hesitate to visit an animal clinic to have your dog checked and treated. But you can also help rid them of the pain at home using CBD oil from

CBD Oil for Aches And Pains

CBD oil is an extract of the hemp plant, a type of Cannabis sativa. It possesses several medicinal benefits, such as relieving anxiety and alleviating pain. Not only is it safe for use by humans, but also pets. CBD oil for pets can help reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation in your dog.

It can help alleviate various types of pain in dogs and improve their overall growth and development. When used on dogs, CBD is effective in eliminating arthritic pain with no observable shortcomings.

When dogs consume CBD oil, it gets absorbed into their bloodstream and transported to the liver. In the liver, they break down to form CBD metabolites that act as endocannabinoids. These metabolites then interact with pain and neuropathic receptors to block pain perception. They also cut off pain signals from reaching processing centers in the brain. In so doing, they relieve the dog of pain, resulting in a happy and active pet.

Finding The Best CBD Oil

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To ensure product quality, always research more on the CBD source. The seller should be reputable, and their products should be third-party tested. Try to ensure the authenticity of the product, and that every word of it is true.

The seller should always give every bit of information necessary. Check for product descriptions, and if they fit whatever you are buying. Ensure that your dog’s preference is the priority. The product should not have adverse side effects to it.

Take a look at the ingredients, and try to avoid products with many ingredients. The product should have little or no additives to befit preference for different dog types. If you do this, you will acquire the best oil in the market for your pet.


In the referenced study, 2 mg of CBD oil per kg administered twice daily proved highly effective. However, it is only safe to use small amounts of CBD oil when trying it out on your dog for the first time.

Calculating dosage amounts should not pose any challenge, as finding the mg/ml is simple. For a 30ml bottle of 300mg CBD oil, 1ml will contain 10mg CBD. Therefore, for an 11kg dog in need of 5mg of CBD, you will administer 0.5ml.

The Ideal Way of Administration

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There are various ways you can administer CBD to your dog, like pouring it into its mouth directly or adding it to food. However, these means differ in the time they take to work.

Oral administration is preferable because it takes a short time to show effect. In four to five minutes, the drop of CBD oil should be able to perform its function and alleviate your pet’s aches and pains.

This method is also easy and simple. All you need is the oil, and your dog. It saves you a lot of time.

On the side of dosage, it makes it easier to calculate. As long as you know how much your dog needs, you’ll be able to calculate the number of drops. This prevents you from administering too much or too little.

Also, CBD oil is tasty and has a natural flavor. Giving your dog this oil through this method allows it to enjoy its sweetness. Unlike adding CBD oil to food where it could lose taste, oral administration could make the dog love medication.


Dogs are some of the most intelligent, interactive, and friendly animals. Their tamable nature allows you to keep them close and enjoy the happiness that they bring. Thus, you need to always care enough for them.

CBD oil products can help with pet development healthwise, and it is essential that you make it a daily dose for your dog. You can obtain them online from veritable sellers and cannabis stores. However, several products in the market claim to contain CBD oil, but some may be fake. It would be best if you always watched out for such.