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Eleaf Pico Compaq is the same Pico that has become a pod mod, but retains the classic features. This is a full-fledged stealth format starter kit, where attention was also paid to hygiene: a hygienic cap was added.

The Eleaf Pico Compaq is a small device that uses an 18650 battery. The pod mod delivers up to 60W of power and works with replaceable GT coils. There are no complaints about the design: recognizable style, ergonomic, fits well in the hand.

The hygienic cap is attached to the chain, so it will be difficult to lose it. The battery is replaceable, and the board only works with the output power setting (variable watts). The cartridge protrudes a little, so you can visually determine how much liquid is left.

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The device is supplied in five colors: from classic and discreet to quite original prints.

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What’s Inside

The pod mod is equipped as standard, without any nice bonuses, but with everything you need:

– Pico Compaq battery;

– Type-C cable;

– Cartridge;

– 2 coils GTL (0.4 Ohm);

– warranty card;

– user’s manual.

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 Appearance and Battery

Pico Compaq has acquired rounded lines, and the weight is 120 grams. Yes, this is not the lightest device on the market, but this is due to the materials used for the body: light plastic, but rather heavy zinc alloy.

Pico Compaq delivers up to 60W, and the 18650 standard battery provides this power very well. You can insert the battery by opening the compartment cover on the top side.

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This solution guarantees fast and convenient battery replacement. The battery itself is charged using Type-C with a current of 2A. From 0% to 100% it can be charged in an hour and a half.

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On the side of the device there is a small display that shows the most important information about its operation: charge level, voltage, power and resistance.

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Replaceable GT Series Cartridges

The pod mod uses replaceable coils with refillable cartridges. The cartridge itself is covered with a cap so that, for example, dust does not get into it when you carry the device in your pocket.

The Eleaf Pico Compaq comes with two coils: one mesh  with a resistance of 0.45 ohms, and the second at 1.2 ohms for tighter draws.

When you need to refill the cartridge, you just need to remove it from the case, open the cap and pour in the eliquid. Cartridge capacity is 3.8 ml.

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Eleaf Pico Compaq Pod Mod is not something innovative and new, but it’s definitely a good option for fans of the Pico series. It is an easy-to-handle, practical and convenient device that boasts of its flavor delivery.

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