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To describe the new XPOD from Epuffer, we need just two words: convenient and disposable.

This product differs from the others of the kind as it comes in a kit of three pieces, each variant has a special color coding and taste. Why it is great? It gives a starter vaper a basic introduction into the world of tastes with its tobacco, menthol, and mango flavors.

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The main features are a 280 mAh non-rechargeable battery, 1.2 mL e-juice and 2.7-ohm resistance. So, it’s not for cloud chasers wishing to vape all day long. But it is definitely for the busy vapers who like trying new things on the go. 

ePuffer XPOD™ Mini pack

It’s perfect for taking around. It’s lightweight with only 12 grams and easy to hide in hand, due to the small size. It has an ergonomic shape which makes it comfortable to keep in hand or even use it hands-free thanks to the shape of the mouthpiece which is created for the maxi comfort.


As we’ve mentioned, the design is well thought out. The body of  XPod is made of thin black plastic and features colored inserts that correspond to the specific tastes.

The colors are red, yellow, and blue for, respectively, tobacco, mango, and menthol. Generally, the device looks like a pod vape, although it is a usual disposable vape. With this popular shape and low price, XPod attracts attention. 


But it’s not only design and set contents, that make the XPod so unusual. It’s the performance as well. The thing is that you never expect from a  disposable vape to do a great job. Surprisingly, it’s not the case with XPod. 

ePuffer XPOD™ Mini variety packs

The draw is strong and tight, as the XPod is designed for the MTL vaping. Yet, you only need a light drag to set it on.  

The vapor amount is not huge, but satisfying. The flavor is quite intense for a disposable vape and gives a nice throat hit. It would be great if they included other flavor options, but the available ones taste just great.

Another pleasant surprise was the complete absence of the burnt taste or popping sounds. Also, there is no leakage, and the coil performs just well. One pod gives you about 300 puffs, so it is great for half a day of hard vaping or a whole day of moderate vaping. 

Flavors overview

We’ll start the flavors’ description from the most popular and classic taste, which is tobacco. It comes in the pod with the red label and is very strong. It resembles the old-fashioned tobacco absolute and aims at the lovers of classics.

The menthol taste is very flavorful and a bit sweet. It reminds the cooling shades of peppermint but has little resemblance to eucalyptus, unlike other menthol e-liquids.

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It doesn’t give you a cold hit on the throat, rather an intense and robust cooling touch of mint and pepper.

ePuffer XPOD™ Mini variety

Mango flavor in the yellow pod features slight hints of tobacco and menthol, which is unusual for fruity tastes. It doesn’t have any sweetness, which is another oddity, and some users report a smell of burnt grass.

If you are a fan of sweet fruity light tastes, this one is not for you. It’s rather for a classic tobacco lover experimenting with new tastes.

Starter Kit

The starter kit is simple, as it consists of one Premium Tobacco pod, a Cool Menthol pod and a Tropical Mango pod. All three are disposable, not rechargeable and not refillable, so, naturally, there are no additional items in the starter kit.

Specs and Features

  • Size: 78 mm x 19 mm x 10 mm (H/W/D)
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Capacity: 1.2 mL
  • Battery: 280 mAh
  • PG/VG ratio: 50/50
  • Resistance: 2.7 ohms

What we love it for…

It is cheap, convenient, easy to use, and has no flaws usual for disposables, like leaking and unpleasant sounds.

It has three most popular flavors for starters to try and for seasoned vapers to use as a substitution when a favorite device is not at hand.

The only flaw we’ve noticed is that the battery tends to run out sooner than e-liquid and you can’t use all the potential of the pod. 

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We liked the XPod (actually all three of them) for simplicity of use, delicate tastes, great ergonomic and state-of-the-art design and also its price.

We recommend it as a portable vape perfect for taking a relaxed pause during a trip when a regular vape is not at hand.  


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