Have You Tried These 4 Vaping Hacks for Better Flavor?

Everyone starts vaping for the same reason. When you pick up your first vape pen or disposable vape, you’re doing it because you want to stop smoking and switch to a lower-risk alternative. Why people keep vaping after they’ve quit smoking, though, varies from person to person. Some people just need something to do with their hands and mouths. Others love trying new equipment in hopes of getting bigger and bigger clouds out of their devices.

So, what’s the thing that maintains your interest in vaping now that you’ve quit smoking? Maybe it’s neither of the things mentioned above. Maybe the thing that keeps you excited about vaping is the quest for flavor – the desire to try all of the latest and greatest e-liquids and to get even more out of the vape juices you already enjoy. If that’s the case, this article is for you. If flavor is the thing that you care about most – and you’re not sure that your current vaping experience is all it could be – we’re going to offer some tips that can help. Try these vaping hacks to take your flavor chasing to new levels.

Don’t Vape with Your Tank’s Airflow Fully Open

When you take a new vape tank out of the box after bringing it home from a vape shop like Vapor Chasers in Virginia Beach, its airflow vents are probably going to be fully open because that’s what allows the tank to produce the biggest possible clouds. When people evaluate new vape tanks, they’re usually going to judge those tanks on their cloud production first. If you get a huge cloud and a big nicotine hit with your first puff from a new tank, you’re probably going to have a good initial reaction toward that tank.

If you care about flavor above all else, though, vaping with your tank’s airflow vent fully open probably isn’t what you want to do because air doesn’t enhance the flavor of your e-liquid at all – it only enhances cloud production. Air doesn’t taste like anything, so the more air you inhale, the less of your e-liquid you taste. If you want the flavor of your e-liquid to be stronger, you should vape with your tank’s airflow vent partially closed.

A tank’s airflow vent isn’t just there to make the vapor clouds look bigger; it’s also there to cool the coil and help prevent it from overheating. If you reduce the airflow, the vapor will naturally become warmer. To compensate for that, you may need to reduce your vape mod’s wattage slightly.

Use a Tank with a Mesh Coil

A few years ago, we began to see the first vape tanks with mesh coils – and today, they’re just about everywhere. While a traditional vape coil uses a spring-shaped wire – or sometimes multiple wires – as its heating surface, a mesh coil uses one or more strips of mesh that look a little like window screens. Compared to a traditional coil, a mesh coil offers similar surface area with significantly less metal, and that enables mesh coils to operate efficiently at lower wattages.

Virtually every vape tank on the market today uses a mesh coil. That’s how much better mesh coils are than traditional coils; for most people, there’s simply no reason to use a traditional coil anymore. If your vape tank doesn’t have a mesh coil, it’s time to upgrade. Here’s why.

  • Mesh coils offer bigger clouds at lower wattages, which means that they can give you bolder flavors while the vapor remains cool and smooth.
  • Mesh coils offer instant response without the need to ramp up. When a traditional coil is still in the process of heating up, you’re inhaling mostly air.
  • Mesh coils produce vapor with a smaller and more consistent droplet size compared to traditional coils, so you won’t feel like you’re drinking your e-liquid anymore.

Try Unsweetened E-Liquid

Have you noticed how sweet most of today’s e-liquids have become? Several years ago, someone discovered that sweet e-liquid flavor profiles like candy, fruit, dessert, cereal and custard really pop if a few drops of sucralose are added to a vape juice’s recipe. The first sweetened e-liquids sold like hotcakes, and after a few years, sucralose wasn’t a trend anymore – it was a key ingredient in just about every mainstream e-liquid on the market.

Unsweetened e-liquids do still exist, though, and they’re well worth seeking out if you care about flavor. Sweeteners tend to cover subtle flavors, and it gets even worse when a sucralose-laden e-liquid begins to create a layer of black gunk on your coil. Once coil gunk begins to form, you won’t be able to taste anything but the simplest and strongest flavors anyway – so the companies that make sweetened e-liquids have little incentive to create more nuanced blends. If you want to enjoy some more complex flavors that really keep your palate interested all day, you’ve got to try unsweetened e-liquid.

Try a Mouth-to-Lung Vaping Setup

In your exploration of the wide world of e-liquid flavors, have you ever considered the fact that nicotine itself contributes flavor to a vape juice? Nicotine has a distinctly peppery flavor, and it’s something that you taste very strongly when you smoke a cigarette. If you’re like many modern vapers, though, you use a high-power vape mod and fill your tank with a low-nicotine e-liquid – and with that type of setup, you don’t taste the nicotine at all.

If you enjoy savory e-liquid flavors like tobacco, you’d be surprised how much more realistic those flavors can taste if the flavor of nicotine is part of the equation. Even if you prefer sweet e-liquids, though, nicotine can still be a major contributor to flavor because it can balance out the sweetness of your vape juice and prevent it from becoming too cloying.

If you’ve tried the other ideas in this article and still feel that your vaping experience isn’t all that it could be from a flavor standpoint, it’s possible that nicotine is the thing you’re missing. Try buying a mouth-to-lung vaping device such as a small pod system and a bottle of nicotine salt e-liquid. You may find that enjoying a stronger nicotine flavor can completely transform your vaping experience – and because today’s pod systems are so inexpensive, you’re not out a lot of money if you try higher-nicotine vaping and decide that it’s not for you.