How is the Vaping Sector Seeking Inspiration from the Wellness Industry?

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A vast majority of adults are motivated to get healthier since the pandemic hit in 2020. A recent survey of over 7,500 people from six countries found that 79% of people deemed wellness to be important, and the industry now boasts a whopping worth of over $1.5 trillion.

A bevy of industries are inspiring themselves on trends from the wellness sector. The vaping industry, for instance, is embracing similar flavor, technological, and holistic health trends, as those that are making some of the biggest waves in health and wellness. Read on to discover what they are.

Going Organic

Research has shown that organically grown produce truly is healthier, as it contains a higher degree of antioxidants and lower levels of some heavy metals. Vape juice and blends are often derived from a host of ingredients such as mandarin, cassia, lemon, peppermint, lime, wild berry, and so many more food-grade ingredients.

Health buffs are naturally drawn to products that are fully organic and made without fillers, sugars, and other ingredients they wish to avoid.

Vitamin Cocktails

Vitamin infusion companies are popping up across the globe, owing to the demand for quick “fixes” of ingredients like Vitamin B12 (which boosts nerve health), L-Theanine (which relaxes the mind naturally, promotes better sleep, and increases levels of feel-good brain chemicals like dopamine), and L-Carvone (which has anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetics, anti-cancer and other positive effects). Savvy companies are now creating vape blends that contain these and other components. 

Enjoying a Caffeine Fix

Coffee is no longer the taboo beverage it once was. Recent research has shown that caffeine can help you live longer, help you process glucose better, reduce the likelihood of heart failure and Parkinson’s disease, and promote stronger DNA. Coffee is also well-loved for its earthy flavor and aroma, which is considered unbeatable during the morning and at key moments of the day for coffee drinkers.

Vaping companies have long tapped into the flavor of coffee, but now, they are upping the health factor by developing blends that combine caffeine (which boosts alertness) with vitamins and antioxidants that promote relaxation. As such, vapers can enjoy the familiar flavor of caffeine without feeling more nervous or anxious.

A Natural Way to Quell Anxiety 

The World Health Organization reports that around 264 million people worldwide are battling anxiety. Study after study has pointed to holistic activities such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and pranayamic or controlled breathing as means of battling both anxiety and depression.

Vape pens and oils are playing a role in the move to fight anxiety through completely natural means, thanks to products like CBD. Often, this product is used to deal with various additional problems, including pain and inflammation.

The vaping world has joined the health and wellness wave. Many of the latest trends in the sector reveal similarities to those in health-related sectors. Ingredients containing vitamins, antioxidants, and CBD are one example of this shift. So, too, is the use of caffeine, which has been the subject of many recent studies that have indicated its health benefits.