How to Get a Job at a Dispensary

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Since the legalization of cannabis in some places, it has cannabis enthusiasts excited to work in the cannabis industry – notably by working at any dispensary that’s popped up in their area. The prospect is all new and quite enthralling to get paid to help others find the ganja they love. Yet, what can you do to make this dream job possible? Learn how you can land a job at a dispensary here.

Getting the Necessary Qualifications

Unfortunately, your passion for cannabis isn’t enough to get considered for a job at a dispensary. You first need to show you’re serious about working at one. In this case, applying for the right training and certifications is the first step to showcasing that.

You will need to become certified and trained to prove to an employer at a dispensary that you understand how to responsibly and legal recreational cannabis. Cannabis training certification is similar to how a bartender would need a liquor license to sell and serve alcohol to others. Whether part-time or full-time at a dispensary, you must have completed and passed training to work there. You can easily get training by doing so from an accredited source.

You must complete training and fill out an application to become a qualified cannabis retail worker. That includes having the following documents:

  • Proper photo I.D.
  • Criminal record check

Be Knowledgeable About Everything Cannabis

Enthusiasm paired with extensive knowledge about cannabis will do you good working at a dispensary. After all, you will be the person customers will turn to about cannabis-related questions – one of the biggest ones being what strain they might like.

People trust you to give good insight, so you must know what you’re talking about regarding products and information. If you’re giving recommendations based on bias, you could risk customers not liking it, and they won’t come back again. Best to be knowledgeable, open, and receptive about what you know about cannabis to give the best experience to customers.

Research Your Local Dispensaries

Dispensaries might all generally sell the same cannabis products, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects of their business that sets them apart from others. You need to look into your local dispensaries and see what they’re all about beyond the bud. Like any other industry, it’s important for you to understand their values and what type of work culture they foster.

You want to ensure they’re a good fit for you by seeing if their values align with yours and if you have the skills to fit their needs. You can easily find all this information on their websites. However, if you want to see if it’s a genuinely good place to work, you will want to check out any reviews online. It can give you a fairly unbiased look at whether they foster a positive or toxic workplace before you decide to apply.

Create an Unforgettable Resume & Cover Letter

With the cannabis industry being relatively new, it’s still growing because of how many people wish to be a part of it. Unfortunately, it means a lot of competition as a result. When you’re trying to apply, you need to showcase your resume in a way that singles you out from all the rest – lest your resume gets lost in the void of discarded and unseen resumes.

A good way to distinguish yourself is to personalize your experiences and skills for the position you’re applying for at the dispensary. Also, give specifics about any duties where you have delivered on results. And lastly, write a cover letter as well. Cover letters show you truly want the job since you’re trying to explain why you want it.

However, don’t just say it because you’re passionate about it – that’s what everyone says! Use your cover letter to showcase your experience, personability, and skills as examples to prove to a dispensary employer that you align with what they’re looking for and their values.

Standing Out During the Interview

One of the most common and hardest questions to ask in an interview is what you would bring to the job. It’s no different at a dispensary – especially with so many people possibly vying for the position. In this case, it’s best to come prepared with what questions they could ask. Any knowledge-based questions can prove how much you know about keeping up with current cannabis trends.

Also, use examples of your experiences that align with what they’re looking for in the position. After all, they want to sell a good experience alongside buds to customers. If you can highlight the type of service you can deliver, they will become impressed with your capabilities, which will set you apart from everyone else.

Working for a dispensary is a dream for any cannabis lover. Hopefully, with this information, you can make that possible!