How to Make Your Own CBD E-Liquid

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In the world of CBD, two things are certain. The first is that CBD seems to be a pretty amazing substance. Scientific research has already confirmed that CBD can help to combat certain types of seizures, and that’s just the beginning. Although the research supporting CBD’s other potential benefits is very preliminary in nature, that hasn’t stopped people from trying it for everything from insomnia to chronic pain. 

The other thing we know for certain about CBD is that it can be very expensive. That’s especially true if the product in question is something specialized like CBD e-liquid. There aren’t many companies making CBD vape juice, and the companies who are making it know that they’re marketing a fairly exclusive product.

If you’re a CBD fan, you’re well aware of the potential benefits of CBD vaping. Inhaling CBD is the fastest way to get it into your system, so that method of administration has great appeal. There has to be a way to get CBD e-liquid more cheaply than by buying it at the full retail price, right?

As a matter of fact, there is; you can make your own CBD e-liquid. The best part is that it’s really easy. In this article, we’ll explain how to make CBD vape juice from scratch using CBD isolate. First, though, you need to make sure that you’re going to use your vape juice with the right type of vaping hardware.

What’s the Best Type of Vaping Device for CBD E-Liquid?

Before you even begin your quest to make your own CBD vape juice, you need to ensure that you have the right hardware for CBD vaping. When choosing your ideal CBD vape pen, you need to keep two things in mind:

  • Even when you’re making your own vape juice, CBD isn’t cheap. If you put CBD e-liquid into a sub-ohm vaping device, it’s not going to last very long – and once you’ve discovered the dosage of CBD that’s ideal for your needs, there’s very little benefit to increasing your dosage further.
  • CBD doesn’t perform well in high-temperature vaping applications because you can actually burn it instead of vaporizing it. CBD begins to vaporize at around 320 degrees Fahrenheit, which is actually much lower than the temperature at which many sub-ohm vaping devices operate. 

Considering those two factors, you are definitely going to have the best possible CBD vaping experience with a low-temperature vape pen because you’ll conserve your CBD supply and will avoid burning the CBD and reducing its effectiveness. If you have a JUUL, for instance, a refillable JUUL pod would be ideal.

How to Make Your Own CBD E-Liquid

To make CBD e-liquid, there are only two things that are actually required. In addition, there are two other items that can make the process easier.

  • You need a container of CBD isolate. CBD isolate is a white powder that’s refined from raw hemp distillate. It’s more than 99 percent pure, and it’s usually sold in 1-gram containers.
  • You need a bottle of propylene glycol or a bottle of ready-made e-liquid with a high percentage of PG. CBD isolate is soluble in PG, but it isn’t soluble in VG. If you try to add CBD to a high-VG e-liquid, you’ll have trouble getting it to dissolve.
  • It’s good to have a third bottle for mixing unless you intend to add an entire container of CBD isolate to an entire bottle of e-liquid. Since you’re probably going to use your CBD e-liquid in a small vaping device such as a JUUL with a refillable pod, it’s helpful if your mixing bottle has a narrow nozzle for easy filling.
  • It’s also helpful to have a scale capable of measuring items weighing less than a gram. That way, you’ll know approximately how much CBD your e-liquid contains. As mentioned above, CBD isolate is over 99 percent pure. If you add 500 mg of CBD isolate to your e-liquid, then your bottle of e-liquid will contain approximately 500 mg of CBD in total.

Once you’ve measured the quantity of CBD isolate that you want to use, making your CBD e-liquid is simple. Just add the CBD isolate to the e-liquid and close the bottle tightly before giving it a vigorous shake. Continue shaking until all of the powder is dissolved.

Things to Remember When Making CBD Vape Juice

When making your own CBD e-liquid, there are two things that you’ll need to keep in mind. The first is that you can only add so much CBD isolate to a small bottle of vape juice before you’ll have trouble getting the two to mix. If you get too ambitious, you’ll end up with a sludgy, powdery e-liquid that you can’t even use. Start small.

The second thing to keep in mind is that getting a powder to mix with a liquid – and stay mixed – isn’t easy when you’re not using industrial equipment. Even if you’re shaking your CBD vape juice as thoroughly as you possibly can, some of the CBD may precipitate out of the solution after the bottle sits around for a while. It’s a good idea to give the bottle a good shake every time you refill your pod or tank.

Why Can’t You Vape CBD Oil Instead of Making CBD E-Liquid?

CBD e-liquid isn’t cheap, and making your own CBD vape juice from scratch is still fairly expensive because you’ve got to buy the supplies before you can even get started. If you’ve checked websites in the cannabis vaping niche, you’ve probably seen “oil vape pens” for herbal extracts. Why can’t you just buy regular CBD oil and use it in an oil vape pen?

The reason why you shouldn’t vape CBD oil is that there are some valid health concerns involved with inhaling the oil. Oil vape pens aren’t intended for use with culinary oils; they’re designed for use with liquid hemp distillates. When you vape pure hemp distillate, you’re inhaling exactly what you would inhale if you vaped whole flowers. CBD oil, on the other hand, contains a small amount of hemp distillate diluted with a much larger amount of culinary oil like hemp seed oil or MCT oil. You don’t want to inhale that.