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If you are looking for a tiny Juul-like pod with longer battery life, bigger pod contents, and better price, then you should definitely pay attention to RUBI by Kandypens. 

The first merit of this device is its use with nic salts, e-juices, and concentrates, which makes it attractive for the broader audiences of vapers. 

Its next merit is the longer battery life compared to other vapes of the class. The battery has a capacity of 280 mAh and a life long warranty. 

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The pod capacity of 1 mL gives longer vaping sessions. The pod arrives empty, allowing users to go wild with their favorite stuff. 

These all are the general characteristics. Let’s take a closer look. 

Build and Design

The pod features an elegant design and ergonomic size. The rounded edges make it very comfortable to hold in hand, it’s lightweight and extremely portable. By the way, the vape’s design is patent pending, which makes a high selling point. 

The size of the device is 100 mm x 17 mm x 8.5 mm, which means you can hide it your palm almost entirely if you want to have a discreet vaping session. 

Kandypens Rubi size

RUBI has no power button due to its draw-activated design. As you make a draw, there LED lamp goes on, signaling the start of the vaping session. 

Another pro is a leak-proof pod design with air carb which promises dry and safe sessions without any fuss or wet contacts or spits back. 

Pod Design

The refillable pod is extremely easy to fill. You just have to pull off the rubber stopper, fill the pod with your media and pop it back with a snap.

Different PG to VG ratio works fine without dry hits, and that is great for a relaxed feel when you can prepare yourself for long sessions with no unwanted surprises. 

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Kandypens Rubi pod

Vapor Production 

The vapor and flavor quality is great, and the secret of their success is in the use of pure organic Japanese cotton and ceramic coil. The vapor is quite lovely, and the flavor is incredible.

With the device of this size, it’s not usual to get the big clouds, but you have the whole good of flavor and vapor amount from Rubi.

Kandypens Rubi inside

You can vape in the MTL style and get restricted lung hits. As the power gets low, you get the idea that the pod is getting low. 

Charging and Battery

The 280 mAh battery is an excellent pro of Rubi vape, especially since it comes with a lifelong guarantee. The charging session is about 1 h 20 m, which is a bit long, but after you have a day of vaping sessions, so it’s worth waiting.

Although there is evidence that some models don’t live up by the end of the day and you need an additional charge. The vape doesn’t support the pass-through charging feature, which is a slight flaw, but it doesn’t overweight the other merits. 

Kandypens Rubi small

Specs and Features

  • Pod capacity: 1 mL
  • Battery capacity: 280 mAh
  • Size: 100 mm x 17 mm x 8.5 mm
  • Charging: USB, no pass-through charging
  • LED indicator
  • Leak-proof design
  • Ceramic coil with natural cotton
  • The USA made and designed
  • Patented design (patent pending)
  • Refillable pod
  • Suitable for different media

Customer reviews

The customers report good quality and say they love Rubi, of course, yet a couple of them has reported poor vapor quality when used with salts.

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Another issue is that some models don’t last all day of a full battery charge, as expected after an hour and 20 minutes of charging.

But maybe it’s a payoff for a solid amount of vapor you get. Besides these flaws, the vape is great in use and flavor production. 

Kandypens Rubi and coins

To sum it up…

We liked the Rubi vape by Kandypens as it is super easy to start, refill, and operate. With its ergonomic size and lightweight, it gives significant amounts of vapor and excellent flavor quality plus it has no spitting, popping or leaking due to its leak-proof design. With a great looking design, the vape is a great companion in your daily rounds around the city. 


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