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It is a vape pod mod of the quit-smoking class, and it has been made to make quitting easier. It is incredibly cheap with only 7.99 per piece and 9.99 for a pack of two NJOY pods, is equipped with quite a lasting battery and button-free design operation on the draw-activated mechanism. 

There are four types of NJOY e-liquids, all of them with 5% nicotine content. It’s a standard ration for the devices of the kind, as it is aimed at smoking quitters, not ready to immediately stop the nicotine intake.

NJOY Ace kit

Key Features

We are enlisting the main features of NJOY Ace to pay most attention for busy readers: 

What we like it for

  • Low price (NJOY Ace price is about $8 only)
  • Trendy high-tech design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • High quality of flavors
  • Ease of use

What we don’t like it for

  • Loose magnets on flavor pods
  • No choice of nicotine strengths (you get only 5% of nicotine)
  • Restricted selection of flavors (you only have 4 of them)

Read on for the detailed NJOY Ace review. 

Starter Kit

NJOY comes in the stylish corrugated box with the brand logo. Inside, you get a USB charger and an Ace battery. You must buy the NJOY pods separately.

Good news they are quite available in vape stores. Just google for “NJOY pods near me” and pick the closet location accessible.

NJOY Ace product

Tech Features

  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 1.1” x 0.5”
  • Weight: 2.2 oz

Feel and Design

As you see, the pod is tiny. All comparisons NJOY vs. Juul note that the Ace vape is slightly heavier than the famous Juul, but that’s only due to the heavier battery.

The button-free design makes it very conceivable and not looking like an e-cig, although it borrows the operation method of the latter. 

The e-juice pods get attached via the magnetic connectors, and therefore they are easy to change and dispose of. The only issue is that the connectors aren’t that strong, so they don’t give that firm feel, although they don’t fall out either.

The flat oval design makes it very easy to keep in hand or put in the pocket and go doing your business. You won’t feel it in the pocket or bag.

The design presents a trendy combination of shiny black plastic and soft-touch pads on the front and back parts. The stylish look adds its charm, but the biggest pro of NJOY is operation. 


What can be better than a two-step operation? With NJOY, you have to put the magnetic e-juice pod in the battery opening and make a draw. It’s just as simple as lighting a cigarette. No buttons or additional settings, just puff and go!

If you are not making draws, the device automatically goes into the sleep mode, so no further actions to switch it off are needed.

Nicotine Dosage and Hit

NJOY Ace gives a strong hit. It contains up to 5 mg of nicotine and is designed for cigarette quitters. The hit may seem a bit harsh in the beginning, and you may have to get used to it.

The vapor amount is like that of a real cigarette. It is not great for cloud chasers, but good enough for quitters. This little amount of vapor makes the device even more discreet.

NJOY doesn’t have any temperature control mode, and the makers did their best to ensure the temperature level is just perfect for making it appropriate for different users. It’s neither too hot or cold and gives a vaper a pleasant feel.

Flavor Quality 

NJOY Ace pods

You can choose from four high-quality flavors that are Classic Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Blueberry, and Watermelon Twist.

The tobacco variant is very close to the smell of real cigarettes, is of a quality any ex-smoker will appreciate. The menthol taste is fresh and classic and gives a real cooling effect that made the menthol e-liquids so famous.

As for the fruity flavors, like NJOY blueberry, they are a bit artificial, but not too much. 

Generally, all four variants are of excellent quality for this price option, and you’ll never be disappointed by them.

Battery Life

The battery is enough for a day of moderate vaping, but if you use it occasionally, it lasts a couple of days. Even if it happens sooner, the charging itself is fast and lasts up to one hour.

Additionally, it supports pass-through charging, and you can vape it easily when working on the laptop.  

Quality Control and Customer Service

The reviewers report some issues with the burnt taste occasionally. Although this casts shade on the reputation of the brand, its fast and reliable customer service.

They are quick in response and always ready to help with spare parts promptly.  


We can’t skip the fact that the overall impression is very positive. NJOY Ace is cheap, easy to use, and excellent in operation. Of course, it is created to please a selected niche of vapers: the newbies and just-quitters, who are fighting nicotine addiction.

With the sleek, button-free, and draw activated design, the vape allows you to stay discreet even in crowded places. All you need to do is to try and N-Joy!

Video Review of the NJOY Ace


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