American Hemp : How Growing Our Newest Cash Crop Can Improve Our Health, Clean Our Environment, and Slow Climate Change by Jen Hobbs


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If there was ever a time to make the most of American hemp, our newest cash crop, the time is now. The blueprint is here; you’re reading it.–Governor Jesse Ventura December of 2018 marked a largely unprecedented victory for cannabis. The 2018 Farm Bill passed and with it hemp became legal. What the federal government listed for decades as a schedule 1 narcotic was finally classified as an agricultural crop, giving great promise to the rise of a new American hemp industry. Filled with catchall research, American Hemp examines what this new domestic crop can be used for, what makes it a superior product, and what made it illegal in the first place; the book also delves into the many health and medical benefits of the plant. Hobbs weighs in on how hemp can improve existing industries, from farming to energy to 3D printing, plus how it can make a serious impact on climate change by removing toxins from the soil and by decreasing our dependence on plastics and fossil fuels. The table of contents includes: CHAPTER 1: How to Identify Hemp CHAPTER 2: History of Hemp CHAPTER 3: Hemp as a Wartime Crop CHAPTER 4: The Return of American Hemp CHAPTER 5: Hemp Disrupts American Farming CHAPTER 6: Hemp Health and Nutrition CHAPTER 7: Hemp-CBD: A Super Medication CHAPTER 8: Hemp Cures Poisoned Land CHAPTER 9: The EPA Is Not Your Friend CHAPTER 10: Clean Up with Hemp CHAPTER 11: Building with Hemp CHAPTER 12: Our Future with Hemp American Hemp lays out where we are as a nation on expanding this entirely new (yet ancient) domestic industry while optimistically reasoning that by sowing hemp, we can grow a better future and save the planet in the process.


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