Cannabis for Canines by Beverly A. Potter


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Dogs are wo-man’s best friend. Dogs are family. We love them and they loves us back–unconditionally. Like we humans, dogs get ailments. They may experience anxieties and stress. As they age, dogs suffer aches and pains, just like we do. So we take our canine friend to the local veterinarian to tend to their ailment. Often, the Vet prescribes medication–a powerful pharmaceutical, which is usually effective, although not always. Pharmaceuticals, like opioids, can be addictive and have other worrisome side-effects. Now a safer alternative is emerging–cannabis for canines. Administration of cannabis and cannabis-based extracts to benefit over-all health and well-being are used by humans to treat an array of ailments. There is much to suggest that cannabis may benefit dogs as well. Many dog-moms and dads are giving cannabis potions to their pooches–with good results. The problem is that as a result of cannabis being classified as a Schedule 1 Drug by federal law since the 1930s, there has been little research. Veterinarian have no training in cannabis therapeutics and risk “losing their license” if they recommend it. And, until recently, cannabis was not readily available to the law-abiding dog owner. CANNABIS FOR CANINES explains cannabis therapeutics: how they can soothe many physical and psychological conditions and be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical medications, as well as preventatively. CANNABIS FOR CANINES describes cannabinoids, which are chemicals in the plant, and how they interact with a dog’s endocannabinoid system to soothe their distress. Readers learn the importance of close observation and how to track conditions as a way to check for effectiveness of the treatment and the importance of keeping their Vet in the loop, especially if the dog is taking a pharmaceutical. Precautions are included. CANNABIS FOR CANINES is a fun, informative read of interest to dog owners and canine professionals.


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