Damage Control : How to Tiptoe Away from the Smoking Wreckage of Your Latest Screw-Up with a Minimum of Harm to Your Reputation


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A straight-shooting, hilarious and off-beat guide from the author of the “Globe”‘s most highly trafficked column in the Life section. This is Ann Landers with tattoos, beer shooters, and just a bit of swearing.
David Eddie is so infamous for sticking his foot in his mouth that he’s dubbed himself “Faux Pas-Varotti.” Every social outing seems to result in some form of mortification for all concerned. Having screwed up countless times and come through it all with dignity intact, a loving family, a lovely wife, and an excellent career, he’s the perfect guy to give advice on learning from, and making the best of, a seemingly devastating screw-up. Building on his enormously popular advice column in the “Globe and Mail”‘s Life section, Eddie provides simple rules for recovery, applicable to your latest office gaffe or party blunder.” “Reading Damage Control” “is like meeting a good, old friend for a drink when you have a problem — a friend you sought out because in all likelihood he has screwed up worse than you and has a great story about it, and because he’ll give you honest feedback and practical suggestions. And because he makes you laugh harder than anyone else you know.


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