Hemp Oil : Ease Pain and Promote Healing with CBD Oil. Learn Where to Buy It, How to Use It, and the Conditions It Treats


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From tinctures to capsules to salves, hemp and CBD oil have made their way on the market. Find out how they work, how they are made, how to use them safely, and more. Scientific evidence for the use of CBD/hemp oil and its treatment for an array of more than 30 health conditions, including: * Epilepsy * Parkinson’s * anxiety * skin conditions * PTSD. Answers to these questions are included: * Is there a difference between hemp oil, CBD oil, and medical marijuana? * What are cannabinoids? * Will CBD oil improve your health? * Is it legal? * What conditions are hemp oil and CBD oil used to treat, and what does the science show? Full-color photography. 192 pages *Alternate cover for CBD Cannabidiol ISBN-13: 9781645581888, content is the same.


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