High Tea : Cannabis Cakes, Tarts and Bakes by Diana Isaiou


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This beautifully photographed cookbook celebrates a British-style high tea-where all the delightful snacks are laden with cannabis. Now that certain parts of the world allow legal and regulated consumption of cannabis, more and more of us are using weed when we bake. Gobbling down cannabis gives you a different high than smoking it, plus it’s fun and easy to bake with, and the therapeutic benefits are much more effective. So it’s time to get this book and make a classy high tea worthy of the British royals (but load it with space cakes, tarts and sweet treats). Just some of the recipes included in this book are Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies, S’mokey S’Mores Bars, Gooey Brownies, Proper Scones and centrepiece-worthy creations like the Banana Toffee Cake. This book also explains the basics to making herb butters, oils and other essential cannabinoid baking bases. Best of all, the mind-melting component of each of these desserts can be cranked up, dialled down or removed completely-depending on your personal preference.


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