Lasagna Gardening with Herbs : Enjoy Fresh Flavor, Fragrance, and Beauty with No Digging, No Tilling, No Weeding, No Kidding! by Patricia Lanza


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Hang up your shovel and trowel Now you can use the time (and money) you save laboring in your garden to actually enjoy it. Drawing on the amazingly simple layering system of gardening developed in her previous “lasagna gardening” books, Lanza applies these principles to the ever popular topic of growing herbs. Her organic, commonsense approach uses natural ingredients, close planting, and generous mulching, with little or no fancy equipment. Here she shares her methods based upon almost fifty years of experience to give readers tips on:
– Using the herbs in recipes
– How to make herbal wreaths and create delicious herbal teas
– Using herbs for aromatherapy and potpourris
– How to grow and use edible flowers
This is the perfect book for all the busy people who want to reap the rewards of a garden but have neither the time, the energy, nor the confidence to get down in the dirt. Accomplished and amateur gardeners alike will love this ingenious process that allows you to create beautiful, productive, low-maintenance herb gardens.


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