Making Cannabis Personal : Take the Guesswork Out of Your Cannabis and CBD Experience by Tailoring It to Your DNA by Len May


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In Making Cannabis Personal You Will Learn How Genetics Interact with Cannabinoids to Create Truly Unique Experiences. Len May’s interest in cannabis began as a teenager, and it has only grown since. Growing up, many thought cannabis use was wrong basing their beliefs on moral or political ideas. Even today there are people who do not accept that cannabis has medicinal use. Such thinking underestimates the true benefits of this ancient medicine. Making Cannabis Personal is meant to educate people on how cannabis is helping the human species find wellness and remove the fear and stigmas still associated with it, such as “only criminals and addicts use cannabis”. The truth is cannabis is therapeutic and beneficial to a great number of people, and has a variety of benefits and uses. That’s what this book is about! You will discover amazing stories and miraculous events from experiences of clients Len has helped over the years. Each person from these stories uses cannabis for wellness has a different experience. Let’s start with genetics. Your DNA is personal to you. Cannabis responses are based on each person’s genetics, so the responses are personal. In Making Cannabis Personal you will learn how genetics interact with cannabinoids to create truly unique experiences. As CEO of EndoCanna Health, Len loves helping others discover how to use cannabis to better their lives. Cannabis is therapeutic, and with this book you’ll learn how to make your cannabis experience personal.


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