Coastal Clouds Citrus Peach Ejuice


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Citrus Peach Ejuice by Coastal Clouds, which used to be Sugared Nectarine Ejuice, conveys a brilliant flavor of harvest fresh nectarine. But to spice it up a bit, Coastal Clouds coated this ripe fruit in a sweet, crystalized sugar sprinkle to add that extra boost of flavor. Brand: Coastal Clouds / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Coastal Clouds Citrus Peach Ejuice Description If you’re a huge fan of all things peach flavored, this is one revolutionary vape juice that will knock your socks off! Citrus Peach delivers all the warm flavor of a freshly plucked peach, warm from the Georgia sun. The soft and fuzzy peach tickles your lips as you sink your teeth into the ripe fruit, making you close your eyes in dreamy delight. The sweetness of the peach juice dribbles down your chin, making a sticky mess that your tongue is only too eager to clean up. The smoothness of the flavor makes your heart sing with joy, thanks the refreshing summer flavor that fruit lovers crave. But just when you thought that this vape juice couldn’t get any better, Coastal Clouds swoops in with the perfect yet simple addition: crystallized sugar. This pure cane sugar was crushed out of Cuban sugar cane, raw and rich and sweet. This sugar is lovingly dusted over the peach slices, infusing a mouthwatering sweetness that you’ll never want to put down. Feast on this insanely delicious peach vape juice that has everything your fruit-obsessed taste buds could ever hope to discover. Enjoy a sugary wedge of freshly sliced Georgia peaches in every cloud, thanks to Citrus Peach eJuice by Coastal Clouds!


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