Coastal Clouds Iced Blood Orange Mango Ejuice


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Iced Blood Orange Mango which was Blood Orange Snow Cone Iced by Coastal Clouds features a sugary slushy fruit treat that offers a refreshing cloud! Feast on lush blood oranges and juicy mangoes, squeezed of all their fruit juice and drizzled over a crunchy paper cone filled with shaved ice! Follow the iced fruity sensation with a smooth menthol finish! Brand: Coastal Clouds / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit, Menthol Coastal Clouds Iced Blood Orange Mango Ejuice Description Enjoy a sweet and sugary treat with a cool finish right when you’re searching for something to soothe your parched vape taste buds. That refreshment leaps out in the form of a 60mL bottle, packed with sweet fruit syrup drizzled over a heaping cone of shaved ice! Hundreds of ripe blood oranges were imported from Spain, their smooth peels radiating a dark red and deep orange in the sunlight. These exquisite fruits offer a deep pungent scent of fresh citrus, mixed with a hint of something darker…hence the name blood orange! Next in this delightful fruit duo, we have sweet and juicy mangoes and then it’s all topped off with heaps of crushed iced. These sweet fruits were imported from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, their smooth yellow peels soft and ready to release the succulent mango flesh within! These two fruits are crushed into a thick chunky compote, which is painstakingly strained until nothing but clean and pure fruit juice remains! This ripe and lush fruit juice is poured over a towering paper cone filled with finely shaved ice, presenting a refreshing blood orange mango snow cone your vape taste buds will love! Thanks to this flavor, you’ll never have to listen for the tinkling bell of the snow-cone lady again! Coastal Clouds Iced Blood Orange Mango Flavor Review


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