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Menthol Ejuice by Coastal Clouds is a cool cloud of minty refreshment in e-liquid form. Calm your taste buds with this soothing burst of icy menthol that chills your taste buds. The smooth flavor of pure menthol is perfect for vapers that appreciate the power of a simple flavor. Brand: Coastal Clouds / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Coastal Clouds Menthol Ejuice Description Stop for a second and picture a winter wonderland. Freshly fallen snow lays gently on a forest of bare trees, coating them in a blanket of pure whiteness. The air around you is crisp and invigorating, filling your lungs with the chill of winter. The cold winter sun sits high in the sky, offering no warmth in this chilly daydream. Your breath makes little puffs as you inhale and exhale, basking in the cold temperatures. A winter paradise awaits you in this crisp menthol vape juice. This winter wonderland is everything your taste buds dream about when you reach for a menthol vape juice. Yet somehow, with the addition of fruit or candy flavor, the menthol becomes muddled. Your taste buds yearn for the pure and clean flavor of untouched menthol. That’s why Coastal Clouds created Menthol eJuice: a vape juice with menthol and nothing else. The crisp taste of icy menthol washes over your taste buds in a wave of cool refreshment, cleansing your vape palate completely. If you’re looking for a cooling flavor of icy menthol, perfectly replicating the icy chill of winter, look no further! Menthol eJuice by Coastal Clouds delivers a blast of chilly menthol in every puff!


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