Coastal Clouds Passion Fruit Orange Guava Ejuice


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Passion Fruit Orange Guava Ejuice by Coastal Clouds provides the ultimate tropical combination of passion fruit mixed with sweet Florida orange and ripe Colombian guava fruit. This vape juice will bring your taste buds on a tropical cruise that you’ll never want to get off! Brand: Coastal Clouds / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Coastal Clouds Passion Fruit Orange Guava Ejuice Description Embrace your love for the finer fruits of life with this rich and flavorful ejuice that whisks your taste buds straight to heaven! This e-liquid starts off with a sweet and tangy flavor, thanks to the ripe navel oranges. These sweet citrus fruits have been plucked by the hundreds from the famous orange groves on the Florida coastline. Each orange is sliced cleanly in half to reveal the glistening orange fruit, nearly shimmering in the hot summer sun. These oranges halves are then sliced into thick wedges and offer sweet refreshment to your parched taste buds. The flavor then deepens as we add in Colombia’s famous fruit: the world-renowned guava. This curious fruit has a pale green exterior, but once you slice into the fruit, a light pink fruit is revealed! The delicious guava is then skinned and carved into thick chunks. The guava chunks are then thoroughly rolled through freshly crushed cane sugar, ensuring each chunk delivers a moist and sweet flavor. Lastly, the beloved passionfruit makes an appearance! The firm purple skin is sliced to reveal a slick and jelly-like center. The sweet and tart flavor of the passionfruit brings balance to a sweet and refreshing e-liquid that makes this e-juice a true one-of-a-kind flavor. Treat your taste buds to a fruity vape juice that you’ll love for many clouds to come, known as Passionfruit Orange Guava eJuice by Coastal Clouds! Passion Fruit Orange Guava Flavor Review


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