Coastal Clouds Strawberry Cream Ejuice


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The Strawberry Cream Ejuice which was The Voyage Ejuice by Coastal Clouds Deep Sea delivers warm crunch berry rice crispy treat covered in gooey marshmallow. Travel the seven seas and search as you might, you’ll never find an eliquid as delicious as this one! Brand: Coastal Clouds / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Coastal Clouds Strawberry Cream Ejuice Description Set sail and full flavor ahead! You’re looking at the ultimate vape adventure bottled up in a 60mL bottle and ready to take your vape taste buds for a little spin! Embark on a voyage where clouds reign supreme and the wind whips your vape taste buds into submission as you sail through warm and comforting dessert clouds! A pat of butter and a heaping pile of marshmallows gets tossed into a large pot and set on low to boil. The fluffy marshmallows slowly melt into a thick and gooey mess, perfect for your sweet tooth’s incessant cravings. Two scoops of snapping, crackling, and popping rice cereal get poured in, creating a buttery smooth and delightfully crispy marshmallow treat! But there’s one final ingredient that really makes your vape taste buds swoon…a handful of freshly picked mixed berries gets stirred in! These delicious berries offer a touch of fruity sweetness with the soft buttery blend of the melted marshmallows and crispy cereal. Take a voyage through dessert-scented clouds and feast on the smooth and rolling flavor of freshly baked marshmallow treats in every cloud, compliments to the chefs that created The Voyage Ejuice by Coastal Clouds Deep Sea!


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