Efest LUC V6 Battery Charger


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Efest LUC V6 Battery Charger features a beautiful LCD screen charger that can charge not two, not four, but six batteries at once! The six independent slots prevent reverse polarity, short circuit and over-current protection. The large LCD screen shows the voltage of each battery and each slot’s charging mode. With the ability to charge e-cigs, flashlight batteries, electric tools, various instruments and meters, etc., this powerful and intelligent charger takes care of all your charging needs! Compatible batteries include the following Li-ion batteries: 10440/14500/14650/16340/16650/17350/18350/18490/18500/18650/26500/ 26650 Product Features: All 6 slots are compatible with various rechargeable batteries ((Li-ion, Li-Mn and Ni-Mh) Every charger slot features a current charging function and independent monitoring Clear LCD display screen that displays each battery’s charging level Easily changeable charging modes (0.68A or 2A) via the multifunction button Capable of charging up to 6 batteries via the 0.68A charging mode Slot 3 & 4 charge using the 2.0A mode Single slot max charge = 2A; total slot max charge = 4A. Prevents overcurrent, overvoltage, short-circuiting, and reverse polarity. Package Contents: 1 Efest LUC V6 LCD Multi-Functional Charger 1 Wall Charger 1 Car Charger


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