Nootrocan 450mg Full Spectrum CBD Nootropic Capsules – 30 Caps


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Novel Food application number: RP438 Derived from organically grown USA hemp alongside varying all natural ingredients designed across four different flavours, these Nootrocan 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Nootropic Dried Fruits will give users the experience to enjoy such organic edible treats infused with pure CBD goodness. Taking one of these Dried Fruits offers not just CBD benefits but nootropic ones that will give you cognitive enhancements to help with one’s memory, awareness and concentration. All of these have been fully lab tested to ensure that they are free from chemicals and pesticides as well as being 100% vegan friendly. Furthermore, the safety, purity and potency of these Nootrocan CBD Dried Fruits are fully guaranteed as well. 750mg Full Spectrum CBD 300g Container Nootropic Fully lab tested Free from harmful chemicals & pesticides Vegan Friendly Dairy Free GMP Certified NON-GMO 100% USA Hemp Flavours:Focus & MemoryIngredients: Lions Mane, Ashwagandha, CBD.Healthy SkinIngredients: Tremella, Collagen, CBD.Plant Based ImmunityIngredients: Chaga, Turmeric, CBD.Plant Based PerformanceIngredients: Cordyceps, Gurana, CBD.PlantioxidanceIngredients: Turkey Tail, Gingseng, CBD.Super Shroom MixIngredients: Lions Mane, Reishi, Chaga, CBD.THC content


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