INFZN TFN Cool Watermelon Disposable Vape Pen


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The INFZN TFN Cool Watermelon Disposable Vape Pen is a rich blend of frosty watermelon and smooth cucumber flavors in a rechargeable format. Satisfy your fruit and menthol flavored cravings with a satisfying kick of 50mg tobacco free nicotine salts and grab yours at Cheap eJuice! INFZN TFN Cool Watermelon Disposable Vape Pen Description Brand: INFZN / Puff Count: 1500 / Flavor: Fruit, Menthol Something about the flavor of freshly chilled watermelon with iced cucumber calls to your taste buds, especially in the heat of the summer. That’s why the INFZN TFN Cool Watermelon Disposable Vape Pen was created, to deliver a refreshing melon, chilled cucumber, and icy menthol flavor whenever you need it! This sweetly cool flavor comes blended with 50mg of tobacco free nicotine salts, allowing you to quell your nicotine cravings without losing any of the tasty fruit and arctic menthol flavor. This incredible device is not just disposable, but is designed to be recharged with a standard micro-USB cable (not included) when the 400mAh battery runs low. The device can be used approximately 1500 times and should be properly recycled once the puff count is depleted. We carved swollen summer watermelons into thick chunks and popped them into the freezer for several hours, allowing the cold to seep deep into the fresh cubes. We pulled the chilled watermelon chunks from the freezer and stuffed as many as we could into the disposable device you see before you, and added a few slices of fresh cucumber for good measure. Treat your taste buds to the delicious cool and refreshing flavor of freshly chilled watermelon and cool cucumber with the INFZN TFN Cool Melon Disposable Vape Pen, on sale now at Cheap eJuice!


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