Monster Bars Mixed Berry Disposable Vape Pen


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The Monster Bars Mixed Berry Disposable Vape Pen features the warm flavor of mixed berries in a delicious and discreet cloud of vapor from a disposable device. Grab yours today from eJuice.Deals and discover the hassle free way of vaping, as it was always meant to be! Brand: Monster Vape Labs / Puff Count: 2500 / Nicotine: 50mg / Flavor: Fruit Mixed Berry Disposable Vape Pen The Monster Bars Mixed Berry Disposable Vape Pen is a slim and discreet disposable vape device that eliminates the need for bulky hardware, spare bottles of vape juice, and extra batteries. The device comes pre-loaded with a pre-filled tank of 50mg synthetic nicotine salt e-juice, which supplies approximately 2,500 puffs. Simply puff to activate, enjoy, and responsibly recycle once the puff count is finished. This Monster Vape Labs disposable vape device features premium synthetic nic salts along with freshly picked wild berry flavors. We scooped up all of the berries that we could find in a sprawling country berry patch. Ruby red strawberries gleamed in the hot summer sun, and juicy blackberries made our mouths water with desire. Plump blueberries beckoned with their fragrant aroma, and sultry raspberries begged to wash over your taste buds in warm and sweet waves. The fresh and sweet flavor of ripe summer berries awaits your taste buds with every puff of this rich and refreshing flavor. Feast on the warm berry sweetness your heart desires and discover the carefree way of vaping, without the plethora of vape accessories. Instead of worrying about if you have enough juice or batteries to last you through the day, pick up one of these slim and discrete devices known as the Monster Bars Mixed Berry Disposable Vape Pen from eJuice.Deals today!


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