Creative Juices Premium Elixir – Light N’ Up – 15ml – 15ml / 12mg

Creative Juices Premium Elixir – Light N’ Up – 15ml


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Primary Flavors: Strawberries & Cream.(Lightly Brit) You might of thought we wanted to go with brightly lit, but it’s better when you have to think about it. Your thoughts are unique to your own experiences & this is us sharing our thoughts in one experience, enjoyed in this unique elixir. If you’ve ever had a bad day that you just thought couldn’t get any better well, Think Again & Light N’ Up a little. Introducing Light N’ Up, an elixir meant to brighten’ your dark day when you can’t seem to find the Light of Hope. Remember when your day’s not going great and you think you know how it’ll end, were here to surprise you & catch you off guard. Let this perspective changer pleasantly surprise & delight you. You’ll be illuminated and back to your Cloud 9 in no time at all. With a 10 second charge of light, your surroundings & everyone with in eye shot will see you truly know the meaning of Light N’ Up. Others will rejoice, for you have shown them the light and the way. We are sharing our pride & Joy. Also the primary flavors in this number are; Strawberries & Cream. So, Light N’ Up your day’s about to get a whole lot better.70% VGShips from Creative Juices V-Bar, LLC – Nebraska


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