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Bubble Melon Ejuice by Chubby Bubble Vapes presents a square of sweet and chewy bubblegum, flavored with freshly sliced chunks of vine-ripe watermelon! Enjoy a chewy fruity cloud of bubble bursting enjoyment in every puff, regardless of the season! Brand: Chubby Bubble Vapes / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Chubby Bubble Vapes Bubble Melon Ejuice Description Inspired by the great Mr. Willy Wonka himself, this delightfully sweet and juicy bubblegum flavor was created to allow for an all-day flavor that blows clouds bigger than any chewing gum available. With all day flavor for any time you crave an enormous chewing gum bubble, Bubble Melon steps up to the plate and swings for the fences! Sweet and juicy watermelons were harvested from an overgrown melon patch, vines twisted over the swollen fruits in a fiercely protective manner. Once these fat summer melons were wrestled away from the vines, they were carted off to the chopping block, where sharp scimitars sliced through the juicy fruits to reveal the gleaming red fruit within! This sweet and refreshing juice was mixed into a vat of liquid bubblegum, where delicious watermelon flavor gets infused into a square of freshly made bubblegum! Blow sweet and juicy clouds, featuring the crisp and delicious flavor of summer watermelons swirled into a chewy bubblegum square! Treat your vape taste buds to the delicious double whammy of fruits and sweets combined! Thick and flavorful clouds await you inside this 60mL bottle, so grab yours today and feast on the rich and sweet flavor of ripe watermelons and sweet bubblegum, brought to you by Bubble Melon by Chubby Bubble Vapes!


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