Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Grape Strawberry Iced Ejuice


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Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Grape Strawberry Iced eJuice is a frosty grape and chilled strawberry flavor that freezes your taste buds with every puff. Thanks to the infusion of synthetic nicotine, available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, now, you can enjoy a richer, smoother flavor throughout your day. Grab your 100mL bottle now at Cheap eJuice! Grape Strawberry ICED eJuice by Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Brand: Cloud Nurdz / Bottle Size: 100ml / Flavor Type: Fruit, Menthol Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Grape Strawberry Iced eJuice delivers the frosty world of winter right to your taste buds, featuring a delicious combination of fruit and menthol flavors that you’ll fall in love with over and over again. The use of synthetic nicotine in this refreshing vape juice allows you to taste the pure flavor of the fruits without the harsh throat hit associated with traditional nicotine. Two scintillating flavors collide in this delicious all-day favorite, promising to satisfy your fruit and menthol cravings with just one puff. First up, we have icy grapes. We harvested hundreds of frosty grape clusters from the Swiss Alps, known throughout the world for their rich and sweet flavor. Next, we have frosty strawberries. We traveled to the snowy countryside, where thousands of delicious berries lay buried under a thick blanket of snow. We brushed the snow aside and plucked the frozen berries until our bags were bulging at the seams. We stuffed as many of the frozen strawberries and icy grapes into the 100mL bottle you see before you, ready to blast your taste buds with a snowy fruit cloud that you’ll never want to put down. Enjoy a frosty fusion of icy grapes and chilled strawberries with every puff of Cloud Nurdz Synthetic Grape Strawberry Iced eJuice, available at Cheap eJuice in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg synthetic nicotine strength!


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