Fresca Raspberry Red Apple Grape Ejuice


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About Fresca Raspberry Red Apple Grape Ejuice Fresca Eliquids Raspberry Apple is a crisp, tart and fruity eJuice that brings a rich sweetness to your vaping sessions. With bright tones that end on a subtle tart note thanks to the combination of raspberry and apple, Fresca has created a delightful eJuice that fruit lovers will adore. This eJuice creates a wonderful fruity aroma with plenty of minute floral notes that come from the raspberry, followed by a refreshing tart kick provided by the apple flavors. It’s wonderfully fresh and the vapors hold and outstanding amount of flavor, making it one of the most popular eJuices by Fresca that we stock. Raspberry and apple is a common fruity combination that can be found in drinks and sweets. This unique pairing of sweet and tart tastes contributes to the success of the Fresca Eliquids Raspberry Apple eJuice. The bright flavors are accentuated by the high-quality product that Fresca has created; a timelessly enjoyable treat truly brings out the best in both raspberries and apples in a convenient eJuice. Fresca Raspberry Red Apple Grape Ejuice Details Brand: Fresca Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 75ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit Fresca Eliquids Raspberry Apple is available in 3MG, 6MG and 0MG nicotine strengths. It comes in a handy 75ML bottle with a nozzle that allows for easy refills of your e-cigarette device or reusable pods, and it’s a well-loved product that is popular with all of our customers.


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