Fresh N Sour Watermelon Blast 2 Pack Bundle


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Get your hands on a deliciously fresh yet mouth-watering deal with a Twin Pack of the Watermelon Blast eJuice by Fresh N Sour today! This bundle comes with two 120ml bottles and features the taste of freshly sliced juicy watermelons that are blended together in a sour syrup for an invigorating and lip-puckering experience! Brand: Fresh & Sour / Bottle Size: 2x 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Fresh N Sour Watermelon Blast Flavor Description This two-pack bundle of vape juice is famous for its sweet and sour flavor, but also for its intriguing backstory. Deep in the Amazon jungle lies a forgotten watermelon patch, once well-known by the natives. The watermelon patch produced huge melons that packed a powerful punch of sweetness, instantly refreshing the taste buds with its sweet and juicy flavor. Yet over time, the watermelon patch was forgotten about, and thick green kudzu vines began to cover the swollen melons. The watermelons began to resent being forgotten and transformed the flavor within to become mean and sour. We happened to stumble upon this forgotten watermelon patch and our eyes lit up with delight. We hacked a few melons free from the overgrown vines and settled down to enjoy our feast. Imagine our surprise when the watermelon chunks tasted sour instead of the normal sweet flavor. We knew we’d found something that vapers across the country could enjoy. We stuffed as many watermelon chunks as we could into our 120mL bottles and presented it for all the world to enjoy. Feast on a sweet watermelon vape juice that carries a distinct sour flavor in every puff, thanks to the Twin Pack of the Watermelon Blast eJuice by Fresh N Sour! Fresh & Sour Watermelon Blast Flavor Review


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