Frozen Fruit Monster Banana Ice Ejuice


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Banana Ice eJuice by Frozen Fruit Monster, from the Jam Monster family, is a frosty banana smoothie that isn’t monkeying around! Golden bananas are blended with frosty ice cubes for a smooth and icy flavor you’re sure to love! Enjoy a premium vape juice that brings creamy banana flavor and cool menthol refreshment straight to your tank! Brand: Fruit Monster / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Fruit, Menthol Frozen Fruit Monster Banana Ice Ejuice Description Get ready for an e-liquid creation that’s absolutely bananas! No seriously…it’s actually bananas, mixed with a cooling kiss of menthol. We start off with golden ripe banana, ripened to perfection in the tropical sun. We had to do quite a bit of reasoning with the monkeys in order to harvest these sweet fruits, but in the end, we were victorious! We set to work peeling these ripe bunches of bananas, ensuring each golden fruit was perfect in every way. Once the slippery peels were all removed, we cut these sweet fruits into thick chunks and tossed them into a blender. Next, we added huge cubes of ice which were just starting to melt. A quick tap of the power button and the blender roared to life! Soft banana chunks and hard ice cubes were thrown together and blended together into a cold and creamy smoothie! We poured this sweet smoothing into the 100mL bottle for you and screwed the lid on tight! Enjoy a sweet and creamy banana smoothie, topped off with the perfect finish of icy menthol! Who knew bananas and ice could vape this good? Try out this frosty delicacy called Banana Ice eJuice by Frozen Fruit Monster today!


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