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Your taste buds and sub-ohm tank will fall in love with the delicious flavors in Apple Kiwi Crush e-Liquid from Fruitia by Fresh Farms. Each puff is a juicy blend of crisp apple and fresh kiwi flavors, all straight from Fresh Farms vape labs. Brand: Fruitia / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Fruitia Apple Kiwi Crush Ejuice Flavor Description Take a trip to Fresh Farms vape labs in sunny California and learn how each bottle of Apple Kiwi Crush e-Liquid is made. Your tour starts on a tractor-turned tour vehicle with a brief history of Fresh Farms’s founding, and you are quickly whisked away to the hundreds of rows of apple trees. Honeygold, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Mutsu (Crispin) apples, the tour guide says, help create the tart kick in Apple Kiwi Crush e-Liquid. The tractor stops next to rows of these green apple trees, and the tour guide invites you to pick as many as you like. You reach up towards a firm Granny Smith, plucking it from the branch. As you do so, a few soft white petals of the apple blossom flower next to it twirl slowly to the dirt road. The tour guide smiles and drives to the other side of Fresh Farms. This side of the orchard houses the miles of kiwi vines, and the tour guide says you came at the perfect time. Dozens of Fresh Farms mixologists are harvesting the now-ripe fruits, carefully analyzing each one before placing them into large Balsa Wood crates. Your eyes follow one of the mixologists who has picked up a crate and starts carrying it to a modestly-sized bright red barn. Inside, the barn has been completely redone to make room for the vape labs. You watch as the kiwis are pressed into juice, and to the right, there is another vat for crushing the apples. Once the apple and kiwi fruit juices are combined with nicotine for the rest of the formula, the inhale of deliciously fresh apples and exhale of ripe kiwi flavors in Apple Kiwi Crush e-Liquid by Fruitia are ready for your taste buds and sub-ohm tank to experience.


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