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Sweet Peach Soda eJuice by Fruitia is the only peach vape juice you’ll ever need. Every puff is packed with authentic peachy flavor and a familiar fizzy sweetness that makes every puff pop. indulge in your sweets cravings with Fruitia today and get 60mL bottles with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine strength at Cheap eJuice now! Sweet Peach Soda eJuice by Fruitia Brand: Fruitia / Size: 60ml / Flavor: Fruit If you anxiously wait all year for summer peaches to come into season, you are going to love Sweet Peach Soda eJuice by Fruitia. This deliciously authentic vape juice will fill your tank with the premium ingredients you need and the tasty flavors you crave. The inhale brings warm yellow peach nectar, and the exhale sweetens things up with a rush of fizzy sweetness. Just like a bubbly glass of peach pop, this e-juice will tickle your taste buds with fresh and juicy flavors. The famous fruit of the American south has never tasted so good! The inspiration for this vape juice came from a Fruitia adventure in the southern peach groves of Georgia. Every fruit seen hanging from branches was perfectly sun-ripened and nearly bursting with sweet juice. The selected peaches were chosen for their luscious color and deliciously satisfying flavor. The Fruitia vape lab team crafted this vape juice to replicate this tasty fruit flavor, and we must say this venture was a success, but don’t just take our word for it! Grab your 60mL bottle of Sweet Peach Soda eJuice by Fruitia at Cheap eJuice today and try the peachy goodness for yourself.


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