Mega by Verdict Vapors Mango Rush Ice Ejuice


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Mango Rush Ejuice by Mega Eliquids, from the Verdict vapors family, delivers a chilling rush of mango flavor that will have your taste buds shivering with delight! Dress warmly because this e-juice has all the icy fruit flavor your frozen heart desires! Verdict Vapors truly has made e-liquid great again with this frosty mango delight! Brand: Verdict Vapors / Bottle Size: 120ml (2x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol, Fruit Mega Mango Rush Ice eJuice Description Indulge your taste for the icy things in this chilling fruit and menthol combination! Mangos are one of the finest fruits ever produced from the tropics, full of sweet and juicy tropical flavor. But every once in a while, you crave something cold and refreshing to whet your taste buds once more. That cold and refreshing flavor comes in this brand new flavor from Mega eLiquids! The heart of the arctic lies buried in this cold and sweet frozen mango e-juice. The South Pole has somehow managed to grow mangos in the heart of the frigid temperatures. These mangos are just as sweet and juicy as the tropical ones you know and love. But these mangos contain a delicious icy flavor that instantly cools your taste buds and refreshes your palate. We’ve managed to snag a limited amount of these icy mangos and have whirled them into a crisp and refreshing vape juice. Enjoy a premium cloud of cooling menthol and sweet mangos with every puff. Whether you’re craving cool relief in the middle of the summer or looking for some icy flavor to match the winter winds, you’re sure to love this Mango Rush Ice eJuice by Mega all day long!


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