Twist Eliquid Purple Grape Ejuice


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Purple Grape Ejuice, previously known as Grape Mix eJuice by Berry Twist, delivers a delicious fusion of plump Concord grapes and sweet mixed berries. Taste the sweet flavor of the summer in this sweet and fruity all-day vape! This true masterpiece won’t stay on our shelves long, so grab your Twin Pack while you still can! Brand: Twist Eliquids / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Twist Eliquid Purple Grape Ejuice Description Kick your fruit cravings to the curb as you munch on this delicious cloud of freshly squeezed grapes and mouthwatering berries! We start off with the boldness of this e-liquid: the grapes! These tasty treats are picked from the finest vineyards in California, each grape ripened to perfection in the hot sun. The taste of summer will forever be lodged in these grape clusters, ready and waiting to tantalize your taste buds. Next, we have all of the berries we could find, stuffed into this delicious Twin Pack. We have sunkissed strawberries, each berry gleaming ruby red in the warm sunlight. These sweet berries are often the fame of summer and are well-loved by all. Next, we have juicy blueberries. These fat berries playful bounce around your clouds, infusing a sweet and flavorful berry scent that will drive you wild. Next, we have dark blackberries. These sultry berries bring a much needed tartness to balance out all of the sweetness, but not to worry. Each blackberry is sweet and ripe and perfectly delicious. Lastly, we have soft raspberries, gentle and sweet in flavor that completes this party of berries. One hit will delight your taste buds with a rich grape flavor, while the second will overwhelm your clouds with refreshing berry flavor. Enjoy premium grape and mixed berry flavor in every cloud, thanks to Grape Berry eJuice by Berry Twist!


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