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Sink into the warm and sweet clouds of three juicy fruits, thanks to the VaporLAX Max Peach Mixes Disposable Vape Pen! Georgia peaches, tropical mangos, and summer watermelon flavors abound in this delightfully portable device from eJuice.Deals! Brand: VaporLAX / Puff Count: 1500 / Nicotine Level: 50mg / Flavor: Fruit VaporLAX Max Peach Mixes Disposable Vape Pen Description The VaporLAX Max Peach Mixes Disposable Vape Pen is a hassle-free vaping device that never needs to be refilled or recharged! Instead of weighing down your pockets or bag with heavy vaping hardware, bulky bottles of vape juice, and charged batteries, this slim and discreet device slips effortlessly into your pocket and can last for up to 1500 puffs. Once the puffs are completely finished, you should responsibly dispose of the device before you start using a new one. The 1000mAh battery-powered device comes preloaded with 6.5mL of delicious peach, watermelon, and mango flavors, along with 50mg of nicotine salts. Instead of wistfully wishing for an island vacation, now you can bring paradise to you with just a single puff! First, we have soft and fuzzy peaches, freshly picked from the Georgia coastline. The sweet flavor of the Deep South is firmly nestled in each stone fruit, promising to grace your taste buds with its powerful taste. Next, we have ripe mangos. These tropical delicacies are picked at the peak of freshness, promising a rush of island flavor with every puff. Lastly, we have summer watermelons. The nostalgia of summer refreshment is buried in each juicy slice, offering deliciously sweet and juicy goodness in the smooth and discreet clouds. Satisfy your cravings for ripe and juicy fruit with the delicious trio of peach, watermelon, and mango flavors found in the VaporLAX Max Peach Mixes Disposable Vape Pen, available now at eJuice.Deals!


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