Knights CBD 1000mg CBD E-liquid 50ml (50PG/50VG)


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Bringing a more modern feel to their CBD E-liquids, Knights CBD’s set of flavoured 1000mg CBD e-liquids will give you both the combined benefits of CBD and vaping e-liquids full of flavour. From choosing up to four delightful flavours, all these Knights CBD E-liquids are mixed at a 50/50 ratio which will suit all vaping devices for a range both highly affordable and effective at once. 1000mg CBD Isolate E-liquid 50ml Shortfill Bottle 2% Strength 20mg CBD per 1ml 50PG/50VG Suitable for any Vaping Device Flavours:StrawberryPerfectly captures the succulent taste of freshly picked Strawberries.Mixed BerryA blend of summer berries thrown into a grinder for a truly delicious, rich taste.GrapeA grape as juicy and deliciously ripe as the real thing.LemonFeeling and tasting every bit as fresh and zesty as actual lemon, this sumptuous flavour will surely delight you.THC Content


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