Smoant Battlestar Baby Review

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The Smoant Battlestar Baby Pod System Kit is small and has a long battery life. For vaping, you need removable cartridges in which coils are built in, after use, they need to be replaced. The user can use any liquid. The manufacturer managed to develop a pod system that combines compactness and ease of use. 

Inside the case there is a powerful battery, which allows you to use the device for a long period of time. An additional advantage of the reviewed model is the modern ANT SMART CHIP chipset with high performance indicators, the implementation of this solution made it possible to avoid the dependence of the actual power on how much charge is in the battery. At this point in time, there are six color options to choose from, which allows you to choose the optimal color.

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The manufacturer Smoant paid special attention to the packaging of its products, which includes all the main components, which was appreciated by users who are fond of vaping. The Smoant Battlestar Baby comes with the following items:

  • Battery;
  • Removable Smoant Battlestar Baby 0.6ohm cartridge with pre-installed coil;
  • Smoant Battlestar Baby 1.2ohm replacement coil;
  • Charging cable;
  • Certificate;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Instruction for the user.
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The developers decided to implement a standard device format, so the finished product has similarities with models from other manufacturers, while Smoant Battlestar Baby has its own specifics that determine its uniqueness.

We must pay tribute to the developers who created a device of small size, such models are currently the most popular. The case has a rectangular shape with beveled corners, and there are also two protrusions, which determines the ease of use.

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As part of the development, not just standard resin panels were taken as a basis, there is also CPR technology, this coating. Its distinguishing feature is that it retains brightness over a long period of time, the surface is resistant to impact, which is an additional advantage, especially in the case of models in a dark color scheme.

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Inside there is a built-in battery, its capacity is 750 mAh, given the small size, this is a good indicator. The case has a small LED located on the side, with which the user can monitor the battery level.

The Smoant Battlestar Baby set includes a USB Type-C cable, it is designed to charge the battery, you can do this using a special connector on the case. It has additional features.

The embedded ANT SMART CHIP deserves special attention, it adapts without user intervention to the resistance of the coil that is being used at a given time, its power can vary from 10 to 15 watts. Regardless of the charge level, the chipset maintains the voltage at a given level.


The small size of the Smoant Battlestar Baby did not prevent the introduction of a removable cartridge with coils that need to be replaced after use. This decision was a pleasant surprise for users, this is due to the fact that most similar devices work on disposable replaceable cartridges, which is not very convenient when used for a long period of time.

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The user can choose one of two versions of coils with a resistance of 0.6 and 1.2 Ohm, the first one is mesh, the second – coil. It is important to note that both have refined organic cotton inside, which has a good taste of the e-liquid used.

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Everyone can place a coil in a cartridge. All you need to do is to remove the cartridge, remove the used coil and put in a new one, it fixes easily with magnets.

Refilling the cartridge is also simple. There is a silicone plug on the side surface, you need to open it, then fill the tank.

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