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Smoant Pasito Pod System is a beautifully designed device with a high-quality CO-4 Ant chipset, 1100 mAh battery, and support for both replaceable coils and RBAs.

General information

Smoant Pasito is a compact pod with a capacious 1100 mAh battery for its size, which is enough for a day if you use the device for vaping on low-power MTL coils. The CO-4 Ant board will provide all degrees of protection and can adapt to the coil. The appearance is nothing special, but the offered colors and prints are worthy of attention.


It should be noted right away that the box itself is made in an original and stylish way. Inside you will find everything to use right after unpacking:

  • Pasito mod;
  • Pasito cartridge;
  • MTL 1.4 ohm coil;
  • DTL 0.6 ohm coil;
  • Type-C cable;
  • Instruction.

Design and appearance of Asmodus Tribeaut

Smoant Pasito is a pod mod in the form of a “brick” or bar, similar in appearance to many other devices. You can scold manufacturers for copying the design, but you can also praise them because the form factor is extremely popular, and ergonomics is at a high level.

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The battery part is made from aviation-grade aluminum and the use of CPR technology on the sides of the device is extremely practical. This technology is resistant to fingerprints, scratches, and fading. In general, the device turned out stylish.

Pasito installed an 1100 mAh battery. Support for Type-C will help charge the battery with a current of 1 Ampere extremely quickly.

The CO-4 Ant board is also worthy: power control and a full range of security. Moreover, the board does not care how charged the battery is – it will maintain the output power anyway. On the side of the device, you will find a button to adjust the power you need.

Technical features

Smoant Pasito supports both replaceable coils and the RBA. To refill the cartridge, just unscrew the drip tip and pour 3 ml of e-liquid.

Smoant Pasito cartridge image

The airflow at the device is regulated by a small lever. Air enters from above, passes through the tube, and blows over the evaporator from the bottom side. This solution ensures a good taste transfer of salt and eliquids.

The kit comes with two coils: one 0.6 ohms for the light draw, and the other 1.4 ohms for the tight draw. The RBA module is not included in the kit, you can buy it yourself.

The base of the device is small and this must be taken into account. You cannot insert large spirals into it, but, for example, it will be easy to connect a Coil of 0.4 nichrome. The thread on the cartridge will help to lay the cotton wool neatly.

Let’s summarize

Smoant Pasito is a practical, reliable, and beautiful device. A very capacious battery, a nice design, and the ability to work with both coils and RBAs are undeniable advantages that most users will appreciate.

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