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We all know SMOK for creativity and skillfulness in making beastly devices. Today we post the SMOK GX350 review, in which we will try to find out all the pros and cons of this sturdy mighty vaping giant.

The GX350 kit comes in a handy tin box, with brand design and the bright logo image on top. The fans of SMOK already know and love the way the maker presents its products for the convenience and good looks.

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Inside the kit, you have the GX350 mod, also the user manual, warning cards, the USB wire for SMOK GX350 firmware updates, a spare coil and some spare parts. What the SMOK GX350 kit is the 4 batteries needed to start the device.

SMOK GX350 box imageThe vape utilizes the usual 18650, so it’s never an issue to find them around. Of course, it would be better if they arrived with the whole kit.

The first time you see it you are just impressed with the design and size. It is massive and even makes a somewhat monstrous impression. Yet, if you want it to work as a giant be prepared to maintain the giant.

The knowledgeable vapers who buy SMOK GX350 to experience the fantastic power, know what they are paying for. The device will last for days, notwithstanding the duration of the frequency of sessions.

Design and Style

The first thing you may think of a vape that houses 4 batteries is how you can keep it in hand when vaping, and if you should use two hands? In fact, no!

The SMOK have made a smart move manufacturing a device convenient to keep for quite a prolonged time. This is possible thanks to the curved poly-angular design, that make it ergonomically fit a palm.

SMOK GX350 imageThe fire button is constructed in a way that you should only squeeze the fingertips when wrapped around the vape. It is ultimately no fuss and works surprisingly flawless.

The exterior is performed in the classical SMOK design with the carbon fiber inlay that stands for the classy look. The Cloud Beast tank matches the overall design of GX350 quite organically.

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In fact, thanks to its build and operation quality the SMOK GX350 mod is kind of a king of great mods, and is a benchmark for the whole style. With the size of 84.5mm by 58mm by 40.4mm, it never produced any negative feeling when held and operated.

User Tips

When buying the SMOK GX350 kit, you should also grab 18650 batteries additionally. The only downside we’ve found when assembling and starting the vape was a battery hinge, which is stiff to close. The mod and tank have 510 connections that cater to the usability.

SMOK GX350 display image
To start the device, you have to click if five times. The OLED screen wakes up and tells you plentiful useful information. It gives you the wattage level, and the indicates the vaping strength.

Alongside you have the battery, resistance and voltage levels. Another candy is the vape timer which turns out to be quite handy. In general, starting the SMOK GX350 is fast and easy.

The menu has quite a plenty of different modes and settings to make an experienced vaper find the features to their tastes.

The Mode setting allows for changing between the wattage and temperature levels. In the next menu level, you can choose the coil type and adjust the temperature control accordingly. The Puff settings let you track the number of puffs your mode makes.

There are also two Settings, the Stealth allowing for turning the display on and off and the Screen Time, to set the time when the screen should go dark. The Power option offers an additional way to switch the device off.

SMOK GX350 size image

At the low wattage, the SMOK GX350 produces enough vapor for the wow-effect. The V8-T8 coils work perfectly at 30-70 watts. The V8-Q4 coils recommended for 90-150W produce even better flavor, and it was quite strong.

Only really hardcore vapers will want to go over it. Then the question arises of who can go all 350 W?

The Pros and Cons

What we really liked about the SMOK GX 350 was the power, durability, cloud production of course and quite ergonomic design solution which is excellent for such a big device.

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As for the SMOK GX350 problems, we’ve had trouble with the battery hinge, it is a fuss to buy the 4 batteries additionally, and the USB cable was good only for SMOK GX2/4 firmware updates.


To sum up the SMOK GX350 review, we would like to say that the device has more merits than downsides, but it seems it really should try hard to find its customer. It offers that much power that not every random vaper could handle or need.

It performs great and feels nice in hand thanks to the ergonomic design. If there were an exclusive market for the really hardcore vapers, the GX350 mod would set the standards.


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