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The SMOK Morph 219W is a new ergonomic, smart vape mod to win the hearts of many. If we were to describe this mode in just three words, those would be compact, powerful, innovative.

Many vaping savvies admit that this issue of SMOK brand is similar to other popular mods like Alien, Priv, or Species. They do share the same features like a user-friendly touchscreen, side-firing button, and overall rectangular design; there are a couple of specs that make SMOK touch screen vape different, and our SMOK Morph review is about them all. Read on to learn more. 

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What’s in the box?

SMOK is famous and loved by its fans for unprecedented generosity when it comes to accessories. The SMOK Morph 219 mod kit is not an exclusion and contains a plethora of goodies in the starter kit. The kit includes:

  • The SMOK Morph Mode itself
  • A 6 ml SMOK TF tank with a preinstalled BF Mesh coil in the resistance of 0.25 ohm
  • Another BF Mesh coil in the resistance of 0.25 ohm
  • A USB cable for charging
  • A silicone band to protect the tank
  • A bag for spare parts. 

Smok Morph image

The kit also includes a user manual. For EU customers, SMOK has prepared another model of the mod. This one has a 5 ml tank capacity instead of 6 ml. Also, you can buy a version with a 2 ml tank.

SMOK Morph 219 mod Build Review

The first highlight of this model in a big (1.9 inch) responsive screen that adds significantly to the overall design. Some vapors avoid touchscreen mods as the screen tends to lag with time. This is not the case with SMOK Morph that stands out from the crowd with the high quality. 

You can use the touchscreen to set different vaping outputs, like temperature control and variable wattage. 

Right under the screen, there is a small USB port for charging the battery and installing updates for the firmware.

The resin-based backplate comes in five color options, that are silver, blue, red, yellow, and rainbow.

Smok Morph mod image

SMOK is famous for its security features, and its touch screen vape mod is not the exclusion. Right above the firing switch, there is a screen lock that protects the screen from miss-taps. At the same time, it doesn’t influence the firing button, so you can still vape even with the lock on. 

Another safety feature is the passcode functionality, which lets to guard the device against unauthorized use, for example, from the use of children.  

The Morph’s spring-loaded gold plated 510 connection can be easily used for wide mods, thanks to its plate that measures 1.1 inches. The hinged, bay doors cover the battery opening at the bottom of the device. The Morph utilizes two 18650 cells that can be charged with a USB. 

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Morph Mod Operation

The SMOK touch screen is quite an improvement. First of all, it works flawlessly without operational bugs, so hated by vapers who prefer buttons. It allows for the custom choice of wallpaper, brightness, and screen color, which is not essential for vaping experience but still is a nice improvement.  

Smok Morph tank image

The menu has a standard setup with a variable wattage setting on the main screen, information about the current vaping mode, resistance, voltage, amperage, battery life, puff counter, timer, and preheat mode. You can scroll up and down the menu with the help of the two side arrow adjustment buttons. 

The side menu gives you fast access to the main options, like Mode, My Mode, Puff, and Setting. The Mode button lets you set a preheat mode as soft, normal, hard, or maximum. It also offers the temperature control options for nickel, titanium, and stainless steel.

The tank build is impressive: it is sturdy, reliable, and easy to use. To put coils inside, you have to plug them, instead of screwing with 510 threaded connections. 

Smok Morph tank parts image

The SMOK Morph’s tank is made of Pyrex glass and stainless steel and features an 810-Cobra drip tip. The raised coil base makes soaking the coil longer, which erases the need for frequent refills. The top of the tank has a push-back cap that securely locks on its place with a latch. On the bottom part, you can find an adjustable airflow went, quite massive in size.

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SMOK Morph 219: Vaping Experience

SMOK Morph 219 mod features the high-quality mesh-style coils, which means good flavor and nice clouds at every setting. The preinstalled BF-Mesh at its maximum setting of 80W works better than expected. Even the lower wattage settings, those of 50 or 60W, produce smooth vapor at thick cloud at an effortless draw.  

To reach the promised Morph’s maximum of 219W, the preinstalled BF mesh coil with its 80W limit is not enough. To draw the maximum of Morph’s capacity, one should use another compatible coil of the SMOK’s TF tank series. 

Smok Morph battery slot image

Concluding thoughts

From the high-end design and sophisticated touchscreen operation to the powerful and effortless cloud production SMOK touch screen mod sustains the good name of the family.

It features excellent TF tanks, good quality of materials, and high-quality mechanics. This box mod makes an excellent match to SMOK fans and other vapers seeking for something new.


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