SMOK Nfix-mate 25W Pod Kit Review: A Surefire Winner

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SMOK Nfix-mate Introduction

SMOK Nfix-mate 25W Pod System Kit is the latest edition of the Nfix line. Powered by a 1100mAh rechargeable battery, it delivers an adjustable output range from 1w to 25w. Nfix-mate comes with a durable aluminium alloy chassis with the square form factor. It features draw-activated mechanism and responsive fire button for easy operation. The 0.69 inch OLED screen on the front side clearly shows the vaping information. Nfix-mate is compatible with the NFIX Pod, which has 3ml capacity with side filling design and a translucent way to deliver amazing flavour and vapour. Today I am going to review this Nfix-mate 25W Pod System.

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Construction and Design

The SMOK Nfix-mate comes with a small box-mod shape and remains fairly compact with super sleek design measuring 74mm by 46.6mm by 13.6mm. A simple and minimalistic design covers this device as there is clicky and responsive power button found on this device. The button is used to adjust the power wattage output and turn the device on / off. The chassis is constructed of aluminium alloy that provides durability. The whole construction is fairly impressive and the machining is top-notch.

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SMOK Nfix-mate Kit is able to fire a maximum power output of 25W. It utilizes silicone dust to prevent dust and residues from clogging the drip tip. The OLED display screen on the front of the device clearly shows current vaping statistics including voltage, puff counting, real-time battery life and resistance etc. For your safety, Nfix-mate adopts a suite of protection features which include: low battery protection, atomizer resistance protection, short-circuit protection, vaping overtime protection.

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Get Started

Turn On/Off: Press the FIRE button for 5 times.

Reset the Puff Number: Press the adjustment button and extract the cartridge at the same time.

Wattage Adjustment: Press the adjustment button for 2 times, the wattage can be adjusted from 1 to 25W.

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Pod Cartridge and Coils

The SMOK Nfix-mate utilizes a 3ml pod, which is well fixed and delivers good transparency. The built-in PCTG offers an easy way to see the vape juice inside. Pods have a convenient side fill system fill which helps prevent leakage. You can easily refill by lifting the rubber cap placed on the side. This kit includes two coils, which are the new Nfix Meshed 0.8 ohm rated for 10-15W and double coil Nfix DC 0.8ohm rated for 15-25W. It is also compatible with a single-coil Nfix SC 1.0 ohm with a recommended wattage range of 15-25W. They are designed to deliever the ultimate flavour and colossal vapour production. After tested, I think the Nfix DC 0.8 ohm MTL pod delivers a relatively rich flavour with pleasant aroma when the pod is rated at 15w. Comparing with the previous one, the Nfix Meshed 0.8 ohm Pod range can be used at a lower wattage.

How to Fill with E-liquid

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Step 1: Pull out the pod and open the side silicone plug.

Step 2: Align on the filling port and fill the pod with you favourited vape juice.

Step 3: Put the silicone plug back and press it firmly. Keep the pod still for a better taste.

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Battery Performance

The SMOK Nfix-mate is packed tightly with an integrated 1100mAh rechargeable battery which ensures you won’t have to worry about charge levels when out of the house. It uses Type-C charging to fully charge the battery, which means that users can spend less time charging and more time vaping. Just top it up with your favourite juice and vape the day away.

Pros and Cons


  • Awesome flavour
  • Well built quality
  • Fast Type-C charging
  • Economic design
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Small internal battery
  • Loose MTL
  • Tiny screen

Final Verdict

I was very impressed with the performance of the SMOK Nfix-mate. Comparing with the original Nfix 700mAh battery, its 1100 mAh battery is capable of delivering more puffs between charges. Variable wattage allows users to adjust the power wattage until the settings that suit the preference best. The pod is compatible with the fixed coil, which is suitable for those who prefer not to have to change coils. Overall, I really like the SMOK Nfix-mate. It is suitable for vapers of all experience levels.

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