SMOK RPM 4 60W Pod Kit Review

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Welcome to Smok’s most recent RPM Pod. It’s the fourth in the series, and it’s lightweight, portable, and packs a punch, just like its predecessors! In keeping with past RPMs, the RPM is a square-shaped gadget, not quite as long as other businesses with comparable Pods, but rather a little shorter and stumper.

The RPM4 comes in at a lightweight 102g and small size of 103mm*25mm*27.9mm, making it a lightweight but powerful carry around device, perfect for short nights out or carrying with you to work. It has a 1650mAh internal battery that will run a maximum 60-watt output and a whopping 5ml e-liquid capacity. You can go to the vape store to try!

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The Body

The RPM4 is available in two different design variations: regular and leather. Both are stunningly designed items with a variety of inserts and color schemes. In these shots, I’ve used the Red from the basic spectrum.

The main body is quite light, leading me to assume that it is composed of alluminium or light steel as a foundation, with plastic panels as accents that have a beautiful pattern on them, creating an almost rubber-like grip.

Up top is your Pod recess, which is fairly deep and has two gold-plated connectors within. Below this is your adjustable airflow, which is controlled by a rear lever that plugs the two slotted airflow openings on either side of the gadget. The word RPM4 is depicted on a steel plate on the rear, but the action is, of course, in the front.

The magic happens on the front face, which has a big fire button, a 0.96in Color TFT screen, two adjustment buttons, and a USB Type-C charging connection on the bottom of the gadget.

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The Pod, or Pods, as Smok gives you two (extra huh!) are your standard Pod Mod Pods, constructed of clear PCTG plastic, with push in coils and side fill through the rubber stopper. They are magnetic pods, even though the magnets are relatively weak, and the Pod appears to fall into the Pod recess without movement, so I assume they don’t need to be that powerful. I’m considering this a victory because the Pods don’t come out easy either.

The RPM and newer LP2 pods both accept a massive 5ml e-liquid capacity and include duck bill type mouth parts. Each Pod is particular to the coil type that it requires, which is supplied in the package (thank you, Smok) and is easily pushed in to setup.

The coils that come with the kit are both pretty fantastic, producing some amazing flavor while also keeping up with wicking quite well. I haven’t had a dry hit yet, which is fantastic. They both perform admirably up to their maximum wattage, and you simply need to pick which coil to use according on the sort of vaping you do.

  • Preinstalled LP2 Meshed 0.23ohm DL Coil

Suitable for 20-45 watts

  • Preinstalled RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil

It can handle up to 25 watts.

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On the RPM4, the airflow is pretty excellent. It comprises of a rear slider that opens and closes the vents on each side of the gadget. The adjustment is really smooth and has a good resistance to it, so you won’t be adjusting it by accident in your pocket; it moves with purpose.

The airflow range is also pretty decent; unlike many others, you can truly obtain an open MTL draw from this airflow, rather than changing it up at the drop of a hat and opening it up to a somewhat limited DTL draw.


The battery is a respectable size, with a capacity of 1650mah, tiny enough to keep things lightweight but large enough to provide an hour or two of vaping on higher wattages. You may vape while charging using the USB Type-C 1.5Amp charging connector on the base, which should power you in approximately an hour. This is a standard-sized battery for this sort of gadget.

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