Starss Bravo Pod Starter Kit Review

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The new Strass Bravo vape blocks out all the ugly bits and pieces to leave only essential, attractive, tasty features. It’s an experiment. And it looks successful, but yet, it’s you, the end user, who makes the final verdict.  

In the meanwhile, we have prepared the short review of the Strass Bravo pod vape to cast light on what’s new and how you can benefit from it.  

Battery attracted our attention first. It’s large and super powerful, as it features the capacity of 1000 mAh and supports the power output of 15W. It is built-in, rechargeable and can support massive cloud production.   

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The firing system is air-driven, so a user activates the device without clicks. You do need to press a button here, but only to adjust the modes. There are three output modes, which are low, middle, and high, each paired with a corresponding light. So, after the draw-activated firing, you have to choose your favorite mod and enjoy it!

Starss Bravo Pod Starter Kit dimensions

The cartridge system is intuitive and houses up to 2 mL of your favorite e-liquids. You have all the best of the flavor and vapor production thanks to the ceramic coils.

The Strass Bravo pod system utilizes two types of pods: 1.4ohm (ceramic) and 0.8 ohms (mesh), any of which caters to the best taste and flavor quality.

Yet, what is most attractive in all the story is the design of the new pod vape. It is super-portable, easy to hide in hand (its length is 8 cm, and it is less than 2 cm thick), lightweight (with only 83 g) and available in twelve color variants, which include: yellow, silver, green, golden, black, rainbow, white, blue, stainless steel, red, gun grey and bronze.

Starss Bravo Pod Starter Kit colors

The other perk of its design or better to say, functional design is the refill system. The pod vape is super easy to refill by opening the silicone stopper at the bottom of the cartridge.

Tech Features

  • Size: 86.8 x 39.3 x 16.9 mm
  • Material: zinc, PCTG
  • Power output: from 7W to 15W
  • Coils: ceramic (10W), mesh (15W)
  • Coil resistance: 1.4 ohm
  • Weight: 83g
  • Capacity: 2 mL
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Charger: micro USB

What’s in the box?

Strass starting kit travels in the attractive brand box and includes:

  • The vape pod Strass Bravo;
  • One refillable 2 ml brand cartridge;
  • One micro USB charger;
  • One user manual.


Although the charging current is quite high, given to the powerful battery the Strass pod system needs two hours for a full charge. It’s not that long, yet, could be faster.

The LED indicator will prompt you when you need to charge the device. It goes red as the battery level drops to 30% and below. And as the charge is complete, the light changes to blue.

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Customer Reviews

The selling point of this line is the design and the majority of color options, so these features pop-up first in most of the available customer reviews. Our picks include: “Great looking,” “the colors are great,” “looks cool,” “lots of color options,” and so on.

The second loved feature is the powerful battery of 1000 mAh. Well, it cannot be too much of the battery power. Also, some Strass Bravo Vape seems to be popular among Instagram celebrities, which the company is happy to inform on their website.

Yet, influencers are willing to demonstrate any new product they got for FREE. All the rest have to pay from $32.5  to $49 for a piece.


From the date of delivery, the user has three months covered by warranty. It doesn’t refer to malfunctioning caused by improper use or physical damage on behalf of the user.

So if you break it guys, no one’s here to help. Though crashing the zinc device with no glass parts isn’t an easy thing to do. Don’t take it for a challenge though!

Key Takeaways

The Strass Bravo pod vape is relatively cheap, lightweight and features a powerful battery. The majority of bright colors is a plus. Our verdict: worth trying!



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