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Suorin Drop system

Suorin Drop is a small and compact drop-shaped vape pod. Its ergonomic shape and smooth surface make it fit in hand well. The Suorin drop vape is so minimalistic that it looks like a keychain jewel more than like a vaping device.

There are no buttons, and the only embossed part you can feel on its surface is the company logo. The choice of Suorin drop colors will please even the most sophisticated customers.

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Kit Components

The Suorin drop pods kit includes:
– 1x 2 mL cartridge
– 1x 300 mAh battery
– 1x USB charger
– 1x Identity certificate
– 1x user manual

As you can see, the Suorin drop starter kit comes with everything one may need to start vaping right away. The first thing you will probably notice about the vape is its original shape. Next, as you unwrap the kit, you will probably be surprised how long its operation manual is.

The manufacturers of this buttonless device made sure to describe every aspect of its operation, handling, and maintenance in the manual. Fur sure, beginners will appreciate it.

Don’t let the size and style of this vape trick you into thinking it’s not powerful. Take a look at the specifications of Suorin Drop to see what it’s capable of.

– Material: plastic
– Dimensions: 73 x 49 x 12 mm
– Available colors: black, red, white, blue, green, gunmetal, yellow
– E-liquid tank capacity: 2mL
– Bottom-fill system
– Resistance: 1.3 – 1.4 Ohm
– Charging time: 45 minutes
– Air switch

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In their Suorin Drop reviews, many vapers praise the all-in-one construction of this vape. The device has an atomizer, a mouthpiece, and two separate e-juice reservoirs. It is a decently built device for the price of under fifty dollars. If you google for “Suorin Drop near me”, you will see that a lot of vendors offer this popular pod vape at an affordable price.


The Suorin Drop has two separate e-liquid tanks, and both are built in. Together, they can hold 2mL of e-liquid. It means that you can fill your vape with two different e-liquids if you want to, mixing and matching the flavors with each other the way you like.

The Suorin drop juice mixing is an exciting experience that is not easily found with other vapes. The vapor and the flavor you get with this vape are pretty good.

The bottom-fill system of the vape does not cause any inconveniences when it’s time to refill the e-liquid. To restock on vape juice, take off the top cap, turn the device upside down, load the e-liquid, and snap the battery back on top.

Next, take a draw to activate the vaporization process. We did not notice any leaking issues during the time that we tested this vape.

The vape has a regular-sized mouthpiece, connected to the atomizer directly. The mouthpiece does not overheat due to the low battery capacity.

However, the vape still gives you a long and hard hit you would typically expect from a bigger vape. The vapor is dense, and the amount of it is just what you would expect from a regular vape pen.


The Suorin Drop is a simple and affordable vaping device that can be purchased for under $50. The experience you get with it is much different from the rest of the vape pods in the same price range. The Suorin Drop produces more vapor than e-cigarettes like Magnum Snaps from E-Puffer.

Suorin Air vs. Drop

The strongest competitor of Suorin Drop is Suorin Air. The choice between Suorin Drop vs. Air depends on what features you prioritize in a portable vape.

The Air has LED lights, and its finish is made of stainless steel, so it might appeal more to vapers who look for higher-end devices. The Air is also a bit more powerful than the Drop.

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Pros and Cons of Suorin Drop

– Original design
– Compact
– Stealthy
– Easy draw
– Good vapor and flavor production
– Speedy charging
– Two e-liquid tanks for mixing flavors

There are also some Suorin drop problems that need to be mentioned in a non-biased review.

– 2mL e-liquid capacity is hardly enough for advanced vapers
– Loose top part
– Flase draw
– Not applicable for cloud chasing

The main issue for advanced vapers is the little capacity of the Suorin drop cartridges.

Final Thoughts

The Suorin Drop is worth giving a try. It is for sure one of the most stylish-looking devices you can find in the vaping world. It is slim, sleek and easy to use. It’s not a chic device, but it’s a fun unit to play with.

It requires often refills and its top part might feel wobbly, but the vape still delivers a satisfying vaping experience to the vapers thanks to the good vapor and flavor it produces. The attractive appearance of the vape will make you enjoy it even more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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